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The new-generation TNC 640 control.

The Heart of Modern Manufacturing

August 3, 2020
Controls help make modern manufacturing go. Controls help shop floor employees monitor Industry 4.0 technology. Controls also boost productivity on the shop floor. Technology companies are highlighting improvements designed to maintain the forward momentum of advanced technology.
Bill Koenig
By Bill Koenig Senior Editor, SME Media
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. Announces New Key Leadership Personnel

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Announces New Key Leadership Personnel

July 9, 2020
Mitsubishi Electric Automation has appointed new executive personnel to grow and increase its presence in the Americas. In a series of hires and promotions, Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. (MEAU) has named key personnel to new executive positions detailed below.
By Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. Press Release
Heidenhain’s new West Coast headquarters in San Jose, Calif.

Heidenhain Opens Expanded Western U.S. Headquarters

July 8, 2020
Heidenhain Corp. has opened its newly completed West Coast headquarters. This includes the expansion of its executive, sales and technical support offices, as well as demo facilities in San Jose, Calif. The company also maintains a Midwest headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois.
By Heidenhain Corp. Press Release
Marposs’ AxiCheck software analyzes data to indicate parallelism errors of the rotary axes that can effect machine performance and workpiece quality.

Marposs Announces Axicheck Software

March 31, 2020
A package for control and optimization of rotary axes performance.
By Marposs Press Release
BLM’s E-Form tube end forming machine features a new fully electric rolling device.

BLM Improves Its E-FORM Tube End Forming Machine

March 18, 2020
BLM GROUP USA announced on March 17, 2020 the enhancement of its E-FORM tube end forming machine with a fully CNC electric rolling device.
By BLM Group Press Release
Marposs Announces new GEMDS System for Spindle Growth Monitoring

Marposs Announces new GEMDS System for Spindle Growth Monitoring

February 26, 2020
The system provides real-time monitoring of spindle elongation on machine tools due to temperature changes or other causes of displacement.
By Marposs Press Release
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  • Real-Time Monitoring
    Tooling & Workholding

    Putting Machinery on a Strong Fitness Plan Starts with Real-Time Monitoring

    August 16, 2019
    Having a plan for maintaining and improving the performance and reliability of every machine on a shop floor is vital to manufacturing operations. Reliable machines make short-notice production runs possible. And the more flexible manufacturers are, the more new customers they’ll attract.
    By Louis Columbus - Principal, DELMIAWORKS, Michael Buchli, Dassault Systèmes
  • Rick Peters

    Securing OT in the Energy and Utilities Sector

    August 15, 2019
    Convergence-enabled cyberattacks—where criminals exploit traditionally isolated operational technology (OT) devices through their new connections to the IT network—may be motivated by the desire to hijack and demand ransom for services, steal trade secrets through industrial or national cyberespionage, or commit cyberterrorism or engage in cyberwarfare.
    By Rick Peters - Operational Technology Global Enablement Director, Fortinet
  • Cathy Martin

    Software: The Road to Zero Defects

    June 13, 2019
    Reducing the risk of automotive defects is one of the most critical issues facing manufacturers today – to protect the well-being of consumers, as well as their own reputations and financial health.
    By Cathy Martin - Vice President, BigLever Software

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