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Razor Star Belt

Abrasives Grain Advances for Unmatched Grinding Performance

March 5, 2024
High productivity, speed and long abrasives life are key for grinding applications in all types of materials.
Jeremy Spencer
By Jeremy Spencer Norton, Saint-Gobain Abrasives
Based in Indianapolis, Arcamed is a provider of case and tray systems to orthopedic OEMs.

Arcamed Leverages Indiana Manufacturing Readiness Grant

January 26, 2024
Case Study: Cobots help better serve customers and improve environment for workforce
Ryan Henderson
By Ryan Henderson Director, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Conexus Indiana
Ceramics need specialized precision grinding to achieve required tolerances due to the material’s exceptionally hard, dense and brittle characteristics.

Advanced Rotary Grinders Deliver Tighter Tolerances

October 23, 2023
Dive into the future of ceramic grinding with advanced rotary grinders. These automated marvels are changing the game, offering precision, efficiency, and ease of use, even for less experienced operators. Say goodbye to the challenges of grinding ceramics and hello to a more productive and accessible world.
Del Williams
By Del Williams Technical Writer, Power PR
Featuring a 19.7-square-foot pallet size, the HCN-5000s accommodate workpieces that measure up to 31.5” in diameter, 39.4” in heigt and up to 1,540 lbs. The direct-drive rotary tables rotate 90 degrees in 0.9 seconds and feature a 0.001 degree minimum step for precise four-axis indexing and machining, according to Mazak.

Optimized Machining Helps Boost Supplier Production

October 3, 2023
Jared Leick, machining center product group manager of Mazak Corp. discusses how horizontal machining and automation revolutionized production at Aerotech inc., enhancing precision and productivity in high-mix/low-volume manufacturing.
Jared Leick
By Jared Leick Machining Center Product Group Manager, Mazak Corp.
OPEN MIND Ultrasonic Knife Cutting

Leveraging CAM for Ultrasonic Knife Cutting

October 3, 2023
Revolutionizing aerospace manufacturing: a discussion of ultrasonic knife cutting and innovative cam software for precise machining of advanced materials.
Alan Levine
By Alan Levine Managing Director, Open Mind Technologies USA Inc.
ANCA CNC Machines logo

ANCA Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation and Appoints New General Manager

September 28, 2023
ANCA celebrates 50 years of technological innovation. With private ownership at its core, ANCA remains at the forefront of the tool industry, poised for a future of transformative advancements under the leadership of general manager Edmund Boland.
Hillary Cargo
By Hillary Cargo Senior Editor, SME Media
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