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Lean Certification

Lean Certification validates your knowledge of and experience with lean principles. Lean Certification offered by the Lean Certification Alliance — Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), Shingo Institute, and SME – is a global, industry-recognized professional credential.

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The Lean Certification Program and Alliance are endorsed by Catalysis and the Canadian Society for Quality. Endorsers support the Lean Certification Program and the Alliance’s mission of setting the standard for operational excellence and improving the workforce. Endorsers enhance the Alliance’s abilities to reach new markets and cultivate a strong community of continuous improvement practitioners.

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Lean Bronze Certification


Master the fundamentals of lean from a tactical perspective.
Lean Silver Certification


Integrate your lean knowledge with leadership experience.
Lean Gold Certification


Transform an enterprise with strategic lean principles.

How Do I Recertify?

Whether you recertify at Lean Bronze, Lean Silver, or Lean Gold, you will need to document a minimum of 60 recertification credits over a three-year period from receiving your certification or last recertification.
Certification Resources

Certification Resources

Learn more about SME certifications, find answers to frequently asked questions, get in touch with us, and more.

Find out which Lean Certification level you qualify for!

This short assessment tests your readiness for Lean Certification and helps determine where you should start your journey.

"Lean In" to Continuous Improvement

Learn how Lean methodology and Lean Certification can support continuous improvement and long-term competitive success through the relentless pursuit of eliminating waste, overburden, and unevenness or irregularities.