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Utilize Your Member Resources

Thank you for being part of SME's exclusive network of manufacturing professionals, researchers, educators and students who, like you, are looking to connect with your peers as you continue advancing your manufacturing career, education, leadership skills, and technical expertise. As a member, we have many available resources to help you on your membership journey.

Local Chapters

Levels of Membership

Based on your education, technical expertise and areas of interest, SME offers a variety of membership levels to help you advance in manufacturing. We also offer customized company and institutional group memberships.
Communities and Networking

Membership Benefits

With your SME membership, you can take advantage of customized research assistance, local chapter engagement, technical content and more! We encourage you to utilize your membership and benefits to grow as a professional and student in this vital industry.
Membership Team

Membership Team

Our Membership team will help provide you with more ways to learn, engage and advance with SME. Contact any Membership staff person for assistance.

SME Connect

SME Connect is your exclusive, members-only networking site where you will find a searchable member directory, ongoing technical discussions, exclusive members-only content, local chapter connections, upcoming local and national events, and more. Login today and start earning badges, points, and rewards for your engagement!


Membership Leaders & Staff

The SME Member Council and Membership Staff work together to meet the needs of its membership in a rapidly changing environment, building on the long-term SME strategic goals, and strengthening local activities.