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Manufacturing Thrives in Greater Fort Lauderdale

Manufacturing Thrives in Greater Fort Lauderdale

April 6, 2020
Manufacturing companies in Greater Fort Lauderdale benefit from the region’s skilled workforce, convenient air, sea and land shipping services and professional support services.
By Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance Sponsored Content
Close up of Cymat’s Stabilized Aluminum Foam.

New Alloy Foam For Commercial-Scale Brazing

April 1, 2020
Cymat Technologies ships new proprietary-alloy foam panels to alucoil for final production trials
By Cymat Technologies LTD Press Release
(Left) Dave Fox, CIM Systems, and James Adams, Hitachi Powdered Metals. (Provided by ABB Robotics)

Hitachi Powdered Metals Embraces Robotic Automation, Boosts Volume 400 percent in Tight Labor Market

March 30, 2020
Hitachi Powdered Metals (USA) Inc. began a gradual investment in industrial robots at their Greensburg, Ind. plant in 2005, driven by the emergence of a tightening labor market and the opportunity to produce an extremely fragile product.
By Hitachi Powdered Metals (USA) Inc.
Bullen Employee Robin Brown Inspects a MEMS glass wafer, a key component in the production of ventilators.

Small Ohio Manufacturer Making Parts for Ventilators

March 25, 2020
A small Ohio manufacturer, Bullen Ultrasonics, is remaining open to produced parts needed for the production of ventilators.
BLM’s E-Form tube end forming machine features a new fully electric rolling device.

BLM Improves Its E-FORM Tube End Forming Machine

March 18, 2020
BLM GROUP USA announced on March 17, 2020 the enhancement of its E-FORM tube end forming machine with a fully CNC electric rolling device.
By BLM Group Press Release
Details of lattice structures printed inside artificial bones.

KU Leuven Installs Xjet Carmel To Explore Medical 3D Printing

March 3, 2020
As one of the oldest and most prestigious research-lead universities in Europe, KU Leuven is an institution that is always seeking to innovate and stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. When it comes to manufacturing, the institution is an advocate of additive processes and dedicates a research group to the technology.
By Avi Cohen VP of Healthcare & Education , XJet
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Expert Opinions

  • Adam Estelle
    Expert Opinion

    Shops Continue to Rethink Brass and HSM

    August 14, 2019
    The Copper Development Association (CDA) is eager to help shops discover and tap into the high-speed machining advantages of brass. The substantial benefits of doing so have an increasing number of shops rethinking their part materials and, when possible, converting those parts to brass.
    By Adam Estelle - Director, Rod & Bar Council, Copper Development Association
  • James M. Clinton

    The Key Role of Force Measurement in Composites

    June 1, 2018
    Composite materials have clear benefits for manufactured parts in aerospace, medical, automotive applications and many other industries. Ensuring the highest part accuracy is critical. Force measurement and material testing are essential processes for product designers and manufacturers to gain insightful data to create high-quality composite components.
    By James M. Clinton, L.S. Starrett Co.
  • Ilene Wolf
    Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

    Metal AM Class is in Session at Morf3D

    April 4, 2018
    In the near absence of academic programs to teach undergraduate engineering students additive manufacturing, a California-based startup has stepped in to help fill the void through internships.
    By Ilene Wolff - Contributing Editor, SME Media

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