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The Bottom Line on Sustainability

January 9, 2024
Recycling increases efficiency, enhances brand image and saves money.
Ilene Wolff
By Ilene Wolff Contributing Editor, SME Media
PTC’s Vice President of Sustainability Dave Duncan (right) speaking in May 2023 at LiveWorx, PTC’s annual tech event focused on digital transformation.

Sustainability Measures That Drive ROI

January 5, 2024
Building the business case for sustainability efforts in manufacturing
By Karen Haywood Queen Contributing Editor, SME Media
An operator inspects a fermentation tank at a Novozymes site in Kalundborg, Denmark. Enzymes are produced in a fermentation process where raw materials come from a farm field, e.g. sugars, soy, starch and wheat. It is a biological process running 24/7, and after the enzymes have been recovered, the leftover biomass is recycled to produce biogas and a fertilizer for agricultural fields.

BioMADE: Catalyzing the Bioindustrial Manufacturing Revolution

November 2, 2023
Securing America’s future through biomanufacturing innovation, education and collaboration
Hillary Cargo
By Hillary Cargo Senior Editor, SME Media
Carl Deckard and Joe Beaman in front of the first SLS machine, circa 1988.

Friends in Fusion

October 30, 2023
Reflections from one-half of the team who brought us selective laser sintering (SLS)
Kip Hanson
By Kip Hanson Contributing Editor, SME Media

Global Automotive Ceramics Market Accelerates Towards $3.5 Billion by 2028

October 16, 2023
The global automotive ceramics market is shifting into high gear, on track to reach $3.5 billion by 2028. Discover the driving forces behind this growth, including a thriving automotive industry and the rising demand for electric vehicles, and see how innovation is steering this market into the future.
Hillary Cargo
By Hillary Cargo Senior Editor, SME Media
Manufacturing worker looking at watch with clock in background.

Time is Money: Maintaining a Cutting Edge

October 16, 2023
Delve into the world of modern machine maintenance, where technology-driven advancements are reshaping how we keep our cutting-edge equipment in top shape.
By SME Staff Report
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