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DET founders Dr. Tingji “TJ” Tang and Ken Havlinek.

3D Printing Expands Possibilities for Renewable Energy

February 14, 2023
Houston-based DET develops innovative packer system that regulates flow of heat and steam in geothermal wells
By David Giebenhain 3D-Printing Product Director, Protolabs
Vision System

Event-Based Vision: Where Tech Meets Biology

January 17, 2023
Modern event-based machine vision systems increase efficiency, productivity, and quality
By Brad Marley Contributing Editor
As a critical core operation, the laser systems at Laser Precision produce precision parts while maximizing flexibility and reducing overall part costs.

How SMMs Can Embrace Volatility Using Digital Manufacturing

December 8, 2022
To be competitive in today’s dynamic manufacturing environment, small- and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) need to implement mechanisms to facilitate the effective processing of multiple streams of highly volatile and time-sensitive customer requirements.
By Ashley C. Yarbrough Auburn University
By Daniel F. Silva Auburn University
By Morris Sneor Vice President, Paradigm Productions Inc.
Marubeni Citizen-Cincom offers a host of options for customers that want to bring their laser processing in-house. The MCC L2000 Laser system is shown here in action, with sparks flying, but without coolant running for the photo.

Laser Processing Is Having Its Moment

October 28, 2022
Improvements in efficiency and scaling make laser processing a preferred choice for manufacturers.
By Brad Marley Contributing Editor
The Laser Next is focused on production of hot stamped steel components. It is designed, developed, manufactured, and tested specifically for this application.

Next-Gen Automotive Tech is Laser Focused

October 25, 2022
DBG Canada Ltd. has teamed with Prima Power North America Inc. on advanced 3D-laser systems for its growing automotive business.
By Prima Power North America
Laser cutting of carbon steel.

Ultra-High-Power Fiber Lasers Change the Competitive Landscape of Cutting

October 19, 2022
How lasers are changing metal cutting.
Rouzbeh Sarrafi, PhD
By Rouzbeh Sarrafi, PhD Senior Applications Engineer, IPG Photonics, SME Member Since 2021
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Expert Opinions

  • Expert Opinion

    Laser Welding for Sheetmetal Fabricators

    April 18, 2017
    Although laser welding is a well-established manufacturing solution, many sheetmetal fabricators have been hesitant to implement the process at their shop.
    By Robin Stuhler - TruLaser Sales Engineer, Trumpf
  • Lasers

    Fiber Lasers Continue to Gain Market Share in Material Processing Applications

    February 1, 2016
    The first kilowatt-class fiber laser for material processing was introduced by IPG Photonics in early 2002. Since that time, the adoption of fiber lasers for production applications has grown at a rapid rate. Today, fiber lasers are becoming the choice for most major production laser applications as well as converting traditional welding and cutting processes to fiber laser technologies.
    By Bill Shiner - Vice President Industrial Lasers, IPG Photonics
  • Expert Opinion

    Lasers Grow Manufacturing

    June 1, 2015
    Today, laser technology in manufacturing touches all of our lives on a daily basis; lasers cut air bag material and weld air bag detonators for our in-car safety; lasers weld the batteries in many of our mobile devices; lasers drill aero-engine components for planes; lasers cut the glass for our smart phones and tablets screens; lasers weld the drivetrains in our cars and trucks; lasers cut medical stents that increase and enhance our lives, just to name a few.
    By Geoff Shannon, PhD - Manager, Advanced Technology, Amada Miyachi America, Member Since 2009

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