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Stay informed with the latest insights, news and products to improve your manufacturing career and operations.

SME Media is a leading source for in-depth technical information and news about advancing manufacturing in North America.

While our roots are in traditional metalworking and shop operations, we are an industry thought leader and keep our eyes on what’s next. From additive manufacturing, software and robots to virtual reality and the Industrial Internet of Things, SME Media keeps industry professionals up-to-date on the innovations that are leading the charge of advanced manufacturing. We are committed to keeping our readers informed about relevant news, technology and advances that improve their ability to make decisions in an intensely competitive global environment.

Manufacturing Engineering Magazine

Manufacturing Engineering Magazine

Manufacturing Engineering is a thought-leading publication, providing broad and sophisticated manufacturing content to our audience—those who make critical parts for a variety of industries, including the aerospace and defense, motorized vehicle, medical and energy industries.
smart manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Magazine

Smart Manufacturing is the leading business-to-business magazine focused on advanced manufacturing technologies and tools that are driven or enhanced by IT. The magazine covers aerospace & defense, automotive, medical, energy, electronics and many other industry segments.


Advanced Manufacturing Now is the podcast for manufacturing professionals. Hear about the latest technology, equipment, processes and factors impacting manufacturing from industry leaders and experts.
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Latest News

The pace of innovation in manufacturing calls for ready access to the industry’s top thinking and latest developments. SME Media is the leading source for news and in-depth technical information about advanced manufacturing. Our fully integrated media portfolio keeps readers informed about relevant news, technology and advances within the industry.

Industry Yearbooks

Manufacturing Engineering’s Yearbooks cover key manufacturing industries and initiatives in the aerospace and defense, and motorized vehicle industries. Yearbooks provide authoritative insights from subject-matter experts to chronicle trends, processes and technologies.
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Advertising & Lead Generation

Our content is delivered to more than 400,000 manufacturing professionals through a fully integrated media portfolio, which makes information available in print, online, through email, mobile apps and social media networks, as well as webinars and podcasts. We also provide special reports through lead-capturing downloads.
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Humans of Manufacturing

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SME Media provides a resource of industry knowledge that caters to your manufacturing needs. Check out the latest resources or visit SME Media's complete Resource Center for more learning opportunities.

Manufacturing Engineering Source Guide

The Manufacturing Engineering Source Guide is the database dedicated to manufacturing, helping to find the products & services you need.