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Competency-based learning solutions with measurable results.

Tooling U-SME delivers versatile learning and development solutions to the manufacturing workforce. Companies select us to educate their workforce, increase productivity and product quality. Education institutions turn to us to augment their learning plans, providing their instructors with more time for hands-on instruction. And individuals turn to us to gain new skills and advance their careers.

The Right Education and Training Can Change Everything

Featured Content

Industry Pulse

Tooling U-SME Industry Pulse: 2018 Workforce Development Report

Manufacturers can no longer afford to ignore the skills gap. Retirements, a decreased talent pipeline, and the need for new, advanced technology skills are threatening businesses of all sizes, and, ultimately, the national economy.
Cost of Turnover

Report: The True Cost of Turnover

Employee turnover costs manufacturers millions of dollars and significant productivity each year. Understanding the two distinct costs of turnover – financial and business impact — is the first step toward creating a company of loyal, long-term employees.
Blog: Three Ways to Commit to Training & Development

Blog: Three Ways to Commit to Training & Development in 2019

To stay competitive, it’s imperative that manufacturers engage employees by honing their knowledge and skills, boosting productivity and agility.
Blog: Smart Workforce

Blog: Don't Fear What's Ahead for Smart Workforce

As the Smart Manufacturing revolution transforms the industry, some are concerned that technology will end up trumping human capital. That is unlikely to happen and here’s why.
Webinar: Industry Pulse

Webinar: Industry Pulse: 2018 Manufacturing Workforce Report

Learn more about the state of the manufacturing industry and game changers like new technology, retirements and education partnerships. Special guest panelists from both industry and education share their experiences and discuss what they are doing to address the urgent skills gap.
Report: Proving the ROI of Training

Report: Proving the ROI of Training

Learn how to calculate the ROI of training with industry formulas designed to measure key metrics such as productivity, time required to onboard new employees, and downtime caused by unplanned shutdowns.

Research. Experience. Insights.

Explore our resources for insights into how your company can benefit from a successful training program – and by partnering with Tooling U-SME. From case studies to readiness assessments, get the information you need. Right here. Right now.

What We Offer

learning services

Learning Services

Onsite consultants with expertise in organizational development, instructional design, and manufacturing training program management.
Training Products

Training Products

Flexible, interactive, and effective learning solutions from Tooling U-SME include online classes, Instructor-Led Training, assessments, books and videos, and more. Our products reflect our instructional design strength and more than 85 years of working with manufacturers.


Industry-recognized certification programs validate your knowledge in the most sought-after areas, including lean, manufacturing technology, and additive manufacturing.


Tooling U-SME is deeply involved in preparing tomorrow’s manufacturing workforce. We partner with educational institutions, training centers and workforce development agencies across the country.
accelerate methodology

Accelerate Methodology

Tooling U-SME’s proprietary, comprehensive approach provides tailored training solutions that drive the measurable difference your organization seeks.
Partnered Approach

Partnered Approach

Tooling U-SME is with you every step of the way, from training plan development and implementation, to keeping you on track with goals and milestones and providing LMS integration support.

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Tooling U-SME’s online classes are easy to use, interactive, and effective.