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Shops Continue to Rethink Brass and HSM

The Copper Development Association (CDA) is eager to help shops discover and tap into the high-speed machining advantages of brass. The substantial benefits of doing so have an increasing number of shops rethinking their part materials and, when possible, converting those parts to brass.

Walking the Talk at IMTS 2018

I just returned from IMTS in Chicago and my first thought was, “where will I be able to rack up all those bonus steps I got last week?” On the easiest day, I walked 7.9 miles, and I topped 10 miles on two other days. It’s easy to understand why.

Metrology, Product Design and the Next Revolution

When I graduated with an engineering degree some decades ago, I learned that the organizations I was going to work for had internal communication problems. This was especially true for those that designed and manufactured complex machinery such as engines, aircraft, or automobiles.


SME’s Smart Manufacturing Hub will be part of IMTS this year. Smart Manufacturing asked past Hub speakers to imagine what manufacturing will look like in 2030. Here are their visions:

See You in September—at IMTS!

Just in case you hadn’t heard the news, IMTS 2018 starts up in Chicago on Monday, Sept. 10, for a week-long run. As you may have guessed from the heft of this extra-large version of Manufacturing Engineering, we are presenting previews of the IMTS Pavilions, including commentary on technology trends and LOTS of product previews.

IMTS 2018: A brave new world of manufacturing

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is coming to Chicago’s McCormick Place Sept. 10-15. With more than 2,400 exhibitors, more than 100,000 visitors and 1.3 million square feet of space, IMTS is the largest showcase of cutting edge manufacturing technology in the Northern Hemisphere.

Students Experience RAPID + TCT Show

AS A TEAM OF FOUR MANUFACTURING engineering undergraduate students from Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA), we had our minds blown within seconds of walking onto the RAPID + TCT show floor when we attended the event, April 23-26, in Fort Worth, TX.

Real Thinking About Artificial Intelligence

My instincts tell me we need a sense of urgency around the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing. The urgency is driven by how quickly technology can move today, and how an unexpected breakthrough can quickly dominate.