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Servopress 101: A Basic Guide

January 8, 2020
Servomechanisms are at the heart of 21st century automation. The basic elements are a servomotor; a device to convert rotary motion into linear motion; a suite of sensors to provide the required feedback; a controller to convert feedback data into command signals; and enabling software.
By Stephanie Price Senior Applications Engineer, Promess
May River Capital

NSL Analytical Services Acquired by May River Capital

January 17, 2020
NSL Analytical Services, an independent testing laboratory, said the company has been acquired by May River Capital, a Midwestern investment firm that says it builds businesses through partnership and collaboration.
By May River Capital Press Release
Tooling U-SME

Tooling U-SME Awarded DoD Workforce and Education Grant

January 17, 2020
Grant will support development of relevant, manufacturing-focused training to produce military systems and components.
By Tooling U-SME Press Release

New Developments from MakerBot

January 17, 2020
SME interviewed onsite at FABTECH Shawn Miely, Senior Marketing Manager for Pro Segment of MakerBot. Founded in 2009, MakerBot was one of the first companies to make 3D printing accessible and affordable with its first 3D printer, the Cupcake CNC. This podcast features a discussion about the new MakerBot Method X in general, new materials available, and additive manufacturing for professionals.
Bruce Morey
By Bruce Morey Senior Technical Editor, SME Media
Best-Selling Machining Books of 2019

Best-Selling Machining Books of 2019

January 16, 2020
Practical Machinist wanted to simplify your quest by providing you with a list of the best-selling machining books of 2019 according to our community. All the books in this list are a must-have, so we strongly encourage you to add them to your machine shop library, if you don’t have them already.
By Practical Machinist Sponsored Content
The CINCOM L12 is a Swiss CNC automatic lathe manufactured by Citizen Machinery Co.

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Announces Open House for New Tech Center

January 16, 2020
Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc. (MCC) has announced a ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration for its new technical center and showroom at 800 Silver St., Agawam, Mass. Doors will open at 9:00 am on March 9, with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00 am.
By Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc. Press Release
UAW Logo

UAW Negotiations Failed to Make Major Changes, Panel Says

January 15, 2020
The 2019 negotiations between the United Auto Workers and Detroit-area automakers didn’t make major changes in the labor situation at the companies, a panel of labor analysts and former executives said today.
Bill Koenig
By Bill Koenig Senior Editor, SME Media
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  • Brett Brune
    Expert Opinion

    Determined to pull U.S. out of state of ‘pilot purgatory’

    January 13, 2020
    John Dyck, the CEO of CESMII (the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute), doesn’t mince words, and for that manufacturers in the U.S. owe him a debt of gratitude.
    By Brett Brune - Editor in Chief, Smart Manufacturing
  • Scott Walker
    Expert Opinion

    Single Spindle or Multi-Spindle Machines?

    January 9, 2020
    Comparing the cost and ROI of one machine type versus another makes me think of compelling scenes from films such as “Good Will Hunting,” “A Beautiful Mind,” and “Hidden Figures,” in which the main character fills up a chalk board with the divine language of math.
    By Scott Walker - Chairman, Mitsui Seiki USA Inc.
  • Expert Opinion

    Who Should Lead Automation-Driven Changes?

    January 7, 2020
    In recent decades, lean management and Six Sigma have revolutionized global productivity efficiency and quality. And new waves of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, 3D printing, cloud manufacturing, and robotic will no doubt take productivity and efficiency to unprecedented levels.
    By Jim Harter - Chief Scientist, Workplace Gallup Inc.


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