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Coolant touches practically everything in a shop, and the right coolant can have a big impact at little cost.

Cooling Your Cut with the Latest Semi-Synthetics

November 29, 2023
Finding the magic combination of heat removal, rustproofing, extended tool life, a clean finish—and absolutely no foam!
Ed Sinkora
By Ed Sinkora Contributing Editor, SME Media
Rahul Garg

Closing the Loop on Quality and Efficiency

November 29, 2023
Closed-loop manufacturing (CLM) is emerging as a viable approach to address tighter delivery timelines and supply chain challenges.
Rahul Garg
By Rahul Garg Vice President, Industrial Machinery & SMB Program, Siemens Digital Industries Software
Blurring Boundaries: This image of a collaborative robot exemplifies the seamless integration of automation with human interaction.

Robots or Cobots: Which Path to Automation is Right for You?

November 29, 2023
Automation options have never been more diverse. We’re here to help you navigate the choice between robots and cobots with the question: ‘Which Path to Automation is Right for You?’
Drew Kellogg
By Drew Kellogg Regional Automation Manager, Acieta
During her first offshore work assignment in 2010, Lauren Neal operated an underwater ROV (remotely operated vehicle) that’s tethered to a vessel off the coast of Cornwall. This was during the pre-lay survey for a the subsea power cable to visually inspect the route and ensure no changes were required prior to installation.

Engineer Turned Author Lauren Neal Dives into the Deep End of DEI

November 28, 2023
Engineer and author Lauren Neal speaks with Manufacturing Engineering about advocacy in the workplace and her bestselling book, “Valued at Work: Shining a light on bias to engage, enable and retain women in STEM.”
Steve Plumb
By Steve Plumb Senior Editor, SME Media

Micross Components Awarded $134.3 Million DOD Contract

November 27, 2023
The Department of Defense has awarded Micross Components $134.3 million under the IBAS Cornerstone RESHAPE program.
By Micross Components Inc. Press Release
Rick Farrell

How Technology is Helping Manufacturers Tackle the Workforce Crisis

November 27, 2023
While technology is undoubtedly a game changer in manufacturing, it's essential to emphasize the importance of synergy between technology and workers to prevent further staff shortages.
Rick Farrell
By Rick Farrell President, PlantTours
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