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ESA 120/70 UNILOCK chucks have a built-in air chuck circuit mechanically linked to the clamping mechanism. When air pressure is applied to unclamp the receiver, the air circuit is completed internally.

Closing the Gap on Data Transmission in Workholding

January 17, 2022
Electronics, sensors and other advanced technologies in workholding provide manufacturers with a whole range of options for data transfer.
Jim Lorincz
By Jim Lorincz Contributing Editor, SME Media
Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe is competitive not only in racing but in contract manufacturing.

Shop Wins Pole Position in 5-Axis Machining

January 14, 2022
For high-performance dry machining of complex composite components, Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe has added a new DMG Mori DMU 200 gantry machine to its machine fleet.
By Siemens Contributed Article

Bay County, FL receives Foreign Direct Investment Certification

January 14, 2022
Bay County received a welcomed award at the September 21st Commission meeting.
By Bay Economic Development Alliance Press Release
Apprenticeships are a key tool in developing an advanced manufacturing workforce.

The Future of U.S. Competitiveness and Reshoring

January 13, 2022
A few vital areas in which advanced manufacturing is providing significant gains.
Harry Moser
By Harry Moser Founder/President, Reshoring Initiative
Norton employees gather in Lake Placid, N.Y., to support their partner, the USA Luge Team.

Norton | Saint-Gobain and USA Luge Team Primed to Race in Beijing

January 13, 2022
As Norton | Saint-Gobain celebrates the 40th anniversary of its partnership with the USA Luge Team, a range of activities sponsored by Norton are slated to take place.
By Norton | Saint-Gobain Press Release
Cutting Tool

November Cutting Tool Orders Rise From a Year Earlier

January 13, 2022
November U.S. cutting tool orders rose from a year earlier.
By USCTI, AMT Press Release
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Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

As a major manufacturing sector, the energy business requires a lot of parts, but the mix of those parts is changing. As explained in the lead feature of our December issue, “A New World for Energy Parts Manufacturing,” concerns about climate change have put green energy closer to the driver’s seat. Even so, the reality is the parts market for the energy business will likely continue to include old favorites like pump and turbine housings and gearboxes, and wellhead and drilling components. But there will also be windmill root sections and parts for solar energy plants. And many of those energy parts will be made from HRSAs; another feature in the issue, “Tackling Heat-Resistant, Stubborn Alloys,” explores how industry experts have come up with some creative solutions for these difficult-to-machine materials.

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Smart Manufacturing

The December issue of Smart Manufacturing looks at machine learning and learning from history. In “Bye-bye, Black Boxes,” physics-informed neural networks (PINNs) are proving to be a more reliable approach to machine-learning for manufacturing than artificial neural network models (ANNs), which are “black box” systems. PINNS pry open the box to impose physical equations on the data. And in our Manufacturing USA Update, the PowerAmerica innovation institute works to maintain dominance in the production of silicon carbide (SiC) chips, which outperform silicon. Victor Veliadis, executive director and CTO at PowerAmerica warns that if it fails, the history of how American innovators developed silicon chips for power electronics only to see production slip away to East Asia could be repeated. In our December cover story, he describes a way forward for U.S. SiC producers.

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