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OMAX TV is Online

By OMAX Corporation Press Release

KENT, Wash.– OMAX Corp. has announced that OMAX TV is live at OMAX TV offers a way to access all the video content OMAX has produced to demonstrate abrasive waterjet technology, waterjet applications and materials capabilities. The OMAX TV website originally went online in early July 2020 for testing before its official launch on August 1.

OMAX states that the new OMAX TV website “…is a one-stop central hub for all your favorite OMAX videos. Learn about the power of abrasive waterjets, see what makes us unique, or find out how customers have transformed their business with the versatility of OMAX.”

The site currently hosts more than 50 videos that show both old and new types of waterjet machines. Throughout 2020 and into 2021, OMAX TV watchers can expect to see more interviews with OMAX waterjet customers as well as regularly updated tips and tricks from OMAX’s demonstration lab.

OMAX Corp. hopes that OMAX TV will become a resource for potential waterjet users as well as for educational institutions looking for reference material on waterjet use. Mike Ruppenthal, General Manager for OMAX, said “OMAX TV is a wonderful, easy-to-use tool for anyone interested in learning about abrasive waterjet technology.”

OMAX TV is hosted by Wistia.

Access OMAX TV through or by clicking here.

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