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Practice Makes Perfect

Sarah Rimini and the team at Geisinger Health System are saving lives, one 3D-printed part at a time

Leveling the Playing Field

When Nora Touré graduated from college and took a job as a legal assistant, she had no idea that she would soon enter the additive manufacturing field.

Tales From Saigon

On sports shoes, nanoparticles and the future of manufacturing.

Bio Buildings, Printed Pavilions

Researchers at ORNL and the University of Maine receive the Aubin Case Study Award for addressing the low-income housing crisis by printing affordable, earth-friendly homes.

It’s Not Just the Tailpipe

Discover how Czinger's groundbreaking DAPS and 3D printing are transforming the automotive industry, creating eco-friendly hypercars, and paving the way for a sustainable manufacturing revolution across various sectors.

Creating Value

Ellen Lee steers automaking in new directions with additive manufacturing .

Award Worthy

Velo3D takes home the prestigious Aubin AM Case Study Award for its work with IMI Critical Engineering.