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NAMRC | SME Outstanding Paper Award

The NAMRC | SME Outstanding Paper Award is presented each year to recognize both the engineering value and industrial relevance of a publication at the annual North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC).


Awards will be based on:

  • Originality or novelty of an idea.
  • Method or approach.
  • Significance to manufacturing.
  • Technical soundness.
  • Completeness.
  • Acknowledgment of the work of others.
  • Organization of the manuscript.
  • Clarity in writing.
  • Figures and style.

Selection Process

The selection process is the responsibility of the NAMRI | SME Honors Committee. The NAMRI | SME Scientific Committee Chair will identify three to five papers submitted for publication at each year's NAMRC that received strong reviews by the Scientific Committee. Copies of these papers will be distributed to the NAMRI | SME Honors Committee by March 1. The committee votes using established criteria and the winners are identified based on these criteria.

Award Recipients

NAMRC 49 – 2021

Outstanding Paper in Manufacturing Process
3D Freeze-Printed Cellulose-Based Aerogels: Obtaining Truly 3D Shapes, and Functionalization With Cross-linking and Conductive Additives
Halil Tetik, Keren Zhao, Nasrullah Shah and Dong Lin

Influence of a Local Short-Term Heat Treatment on the Formability of Orbital Formed Functional Components
Andreas Hetzel, Marion Merklein and Michael Lechner

Outstanding Paper in Manufacturing Systems
Stochastic Modeling for Tracking and Prediction of Gradual and Transient Battery Performance Degradation
Matthew Russell, Evan King, Chadwick Parrish and Peng Wang

NAMRC 48 – 2020

Outstanding Paper in Manufacturing Systems
Transferable Two-stream Convolutional Neural Network for Human Action Recognition
Qianqian Xiong, Jianjing Zhang, Peng Wang, Dongdong Liu and Robert Gao, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland

Outstanding Papers in Manufacturing Processes
Cutting force model of power skiving of internal gear
Hideaki Onozuka and Fuminao Tayama, Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan Yu Huang and Masatomo Inui, Ibaraki University, Ibaraki, Japan

A new model for predicting the thickness of intermetallic compounds in friction stir welding
Farhang Momeni and Jun Ni, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

NAMRC 47 – 2019

Outstanding Paper in Manufacturing Systems
CAD-Based Design and Pre-Processing Tools for Additive Manufacturing
Botao Zhang, Archak Goel, Omkar Ghalsasi and Sam Anand

Oustanding Papers in Manufacturing Processes
Multi-Point Coupling for Tool Point Receptance Prediction
Tony Schmitz, Andrew Honeycutt, Michael Gomez, Michael Stokes and Emma Betters

Experimental Study on Micro-Drilling of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composite Using Nano-Solid Lubrication
Jin Woo Kim, Jungsoo Nam and Sang Won Lee

NAMRC 46 – 2018

Outstanding Paper in Manufacturing Systems
Fabrication of Self-Recoverable Flexible and Stretchable Electronic Devices
Yiwei Han and Jingyan Dong

Outstanding Papers in Manufacturing Processes
Coalescence of gold nanoparticles around the end of a carbon nanotube: a molecular-dynamics study 
Zheng Kang and Benxin Wu

A vibration-assisted method to reduce separation force for Stereolithography 
Yong Chen, Jie Jin, Huachao Mao and Jingfan Yang

NAMRC 45 – 2017

Outstanding Papers in Manufacturing Systems
Adaptive Learning Control for Thermal Error Compensation of 5-Axis Machine Tools
Philip Blaser, Florentina Pavliček, Kotaro Mori, Josef Mayr, Sascha Weikert and Konrad Wegener

Outstanding Papers in Manufacturing Processes
A Virtual Sensing Based Augmented Particle Filter for Tool Condition Prognosis 
Jinjiang Wang, Yinghao Zheng, Peng Wang and Robert X. Gao

Highly Removable Water Support for Stereolithography 
Jie Jin and Yong Chen

NAMRC 44 – 2016

Outstanding Papers in Manufacturing Systems
Combined Strength of Holons, Agents and Function Blocks in Cyber-Physical Systems
Lihui Wang and Azadeh Haghighi

Outstanding Papers in Manufacturing Processes
“LISA: Linear Immersed Sweeping Accumulation”
Huachao Mao, Chi Zhou and Yong Chen

Analytical Modeling of Hydrodynamic Lubrication in a Multiple Reduction Drawing Die 
James Lowrie and Gracious Ngaile

Thermal Model for Additive Restoration of Mold Steels Using Crucible Steel
Santanu Paul, Ramesh Singh and Wenyi Yan

Laminated Micro-Machine: Design and Fabrication of a Flexure-based Delta Robot 
Jorge Correa, Joseph Toombs, Nicholas Toombs and Placid Ferreira

Effect of Geometrical Modeling on Prediction of Laser-Induced Heat Transfer in Metal Foam
Tizian Bucher, Christopher Bolger, Min Zhang, Chang Jun Chen and Y. Lawrence Yao

NAMRC 43 – 2015 

Outstanding Papers in Manufacturing Systems
Manufacturing Scheduling of Collaborative Factories for Energy Cost Reduction
Hao Zhang, Fu Zhao and John Sutherland, Purdue University

Exponential and Sigmold-Interpolated Machining Strategies
Christopher Dimerco, John Ziegert and Christopher Vermillion, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Outstanding Papers in Manufacturing Processes
Bio-Based Lubricants for Forming of Magnesium
Maziar Ramezani and Steven Schmid, University of Notre Dame

Microstructure, Welding Mechanism, and Failure of Al/Cu Ultrasonic Welds
Xin Wu,1 Teng Liu1,2 and Wayne Cai31Wayne State University, 2Shenyang Aerospace University and 3GM Global R&D Center

Energy-Efficient Vector Field Based Toolpaths for CNC Pocket Machining
Sushrut Pavanaskar1, Sushrut Pnade2, Youngwook Kwon2, Alla Sheffer2, Sara McMains2 and Xhongyin Hu21Prototype Training Centre (Kalpakkam) and 2Metallurgy and Materials Group, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam

Effect of Deep Penetration of Interleaf on Delamination Resistance in GFRP
Dakai Bian, Tizian Bucher, Huade Tan and Y. Lawrence Yao, Columbia University

Outstanding Papers in Additive Manufacturing
Droplet Formation and Settlement of Phase-Change Ink in High Resolution Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) 3D Printing
Yiwei Han, Chuang Wei and Jingyan Dong, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Identification of Optimal Printing Conditions for Laser Printing of Alginate Tubular Constructs

NAMRC 42 – 2014

Outstanding Paper
Fiber Orientation Angle Effects in Machining of Unidirectional CFRP Laminated Composites
V. Madhavan, National Institute of Standards and Technology and Wichita State University; G. Lipczynski , The Boeing Company; B. Lane and E. Whitenton, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Honorable Mention
Drop-on-Demand E-Jet Printing of Continuous Features With AC-Pulse Modulation on Highly Insulating Substrates
Chuang Wei and Hantang Qin, North Carolina State University; Chia-Pin Chiu, Intel Corporation; and Yuan-Shin Lee and Jingyan Dong, North Carolina State University 

Honorable Mention
Multi-Physics Modeling for Laser Micro Transfer Printing Delamination 
Ala'a M. Al-okaily and Placid M. Ferreira, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Outstanding Paper
An Integrated CNC Accumulation System for Automatic Building-around-inserts
Xuejin Zhao, University of Southern California and Shandong University; Yayue Pan, Chi Zhou, and Yong Chen, University of Southern California; and Charlie C.L. Wang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Honorable Mention
Evaluation of Ionic Fluids as Lubricants in Manufacturing
A. Libardi, S.R. Schmid and M. Sen, University of Notre Dame 

Honorable Mention
Spindle Dynamics Identification using Particle Swarm Optimization 
Vasishta Ganguly and Tony L. Schmitz, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

NAMRC 41 – 2013

Outstanding Paper
Experimental Investigation and Characterization of Nano-Scale Dry Electro-Machining 
M. Jahan and A. Malshe, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville; and K.P. Rajurkar, University of Nebraska

Honorable Mention

A Prototype Printer for Laser Driven Micro-Transfer Printing 
P. Ferreira, R. Saeidpourazar, M.D. Sangid and J.A. Rogers, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Honorable Mention

Simulative Testing of Friction and Lubrication in Cold Forging of Aluminum and Steel 
E. Ceron and N. Bay, Technical University of Denmark; T. Aida, University of Toyama; K. Dohda, Northwestern University; and T.E. Nicolaisen, Steertec Raufoss AS

NAMRC 40 – 2012

Outstanding Paper
Additive Manufacturing Based on Optimized Mask Video Projection for Improved Accuracy and Resolution
C. Zhou and Y. Chen, University of Southern California

Honorable Mention
Prediction and Analysis of Fracture in Single Point Incremental Forming Using a Damage Based Material Model
R. Malhotra, L. Xue, J. Cao and T. Belytschko, Northwestern University; and K.S. Smith and J. Ziegert, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Honorable Mention
Study of Specific Energy and Friction Coefficient in Minimum Quantity Lubrication Grinding Using Oil-Based Nanolubricants
P. Kalita and A.P. Malshe, University of Arkansas; and S.A. Kumar, V.G. Yoganath and T. Gurumurthy, Central Manufacturing Technology Institute

NAMRC 39 – 2011

Outstanding Paper
Incorporating Stability, Surface Location Error, Tool Wear, and Uncertainty in the Milling Super Diagram
J. Karandikar, R.E. Zapata and T.L. Schmitz, University of Florida

Honorable Mention
Tissue Oblique Cutting Flow Angle and Needle Insertion Contact Length
J.Z. Moore and A.J. Shih, University of Michigan

Honorable Mention
Determination of Johnson-Cook Material Model Constants for Aisi 4340 Hr by Metal Cutting
A. Deshpande, V. Madhavan and M. Al-Bawaneh, Wichita State University

NAMRC 38 – 2010

Outstanding Paper
High-Speed Microvideography Observations of the Periodic Catastrophic Shear Event in Cutting AISI 1045 Steel
J.C. Heigel and E.P. Whitenton, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Honorable Mention
Fabrication and Characterization of Micro Dent Array Produced by Laser Shock Peening on Aluminum Surfaces
R. Caslaru, M.P. Sealy and Y.B. Guo, The University of Alabama; and S. Chen, University of Texas

Honorable Mention
Micro Glass Milling on Multi-Axis Machine Tool
T. Matsumura and K. Minai, Tokyo Denki University; and Y.K. Rong, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

NAMRC 37 – 2009

Outstanding Paper
A Simplified Model for Orthogonal Micromachining of FCC Single-Crystal Materials
N. Kota and O.B. Ozdoganlar, Carnegie Mellon University

NAMRC 36 – 2008

Outstanding Paper
Finite Element Modeling of High-Throughput Drilling of Ti-6Al-4V
R. Li and A.J. Shih, University of Michigan

NAMRC 35 – 2007

Outstanding Paper
Sintering Strain of 316L Stainless Steel Parts Fabricated by Three-Dimensional Printing
S. Johnston, Georgia Institute of Technology; D. Storti and R. Anderson, University of Washington

NAMRC 34 – 2006

Outstanding Paper
Simulation-Based Development of a Superabrasive Grinding Wheel with Defined Grain Structure
O. Braun, G. Warnecke and J.C. Aurich, University of Kaiserslautern

NAMRC 33 – 2005

Outstanding Paper
Tool Wear Compensation and Path Generation in Micro and Macro EDM
J. Narasimhan, Z. Yu and K.P. Rajurkar, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

NAMRC 32 – 2004

Outstanding Paper
Microstructure-Based Modeling of Anisotropic Superplastic Deformation
M.K. Khraisheh and F.K. Abu-Farha, University of Kentucky

NAMRC 31 – 2003 

Outstanding Paper
Influence of Initial Thickness Deviation in Tube Periphery on Tube Deformation During Free Hydraulic Bulging
A. Shirayori, S. Fuchizawa and M. Narazaki, Utsunomiya University

NAMRC 30 – 2002

Outstanding Paper
Linear State Space Modeling of Dimensional Machining Errors
D. Djurdjanovic and J. Ni, University of Michigan

NAMRC 29 – 2001

Outstanding Paper
Convex Laser Forming with High Certainty
W. Li and Y.L. Yao, Columbia University

NAMRC 28 – 2000

Outstanding Paper
The Use of Active Drawbeads in the Forming of Non-Symmetric Aluminum Panels
R. Li, K.J. Weinmann and A. Chandra, Michigan Technological University

NAMRC 27 – 1999

Outstanding Paper
The Use of Active Drawbeads in the Forming of Non-Symmetric Aluminum Panels 
R. Li, K.J. Weinmann and A. Chandra, Michigan Technological University