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Going Beyond Chip Making: Saving Time

Every manufacturer aims for faster, better parts. While chip making time is often the focus when it comes to time savings, Chris Mahar, Associate Editor of Manufacturing Engineering, talks with Steven Baier, Vice President of Sales for Haimer USA, about time savings that go beyond cutting time.

How Traditional Manufacturers Can Add Additive Capabilities

Steve Immel, head of Americas Business Development for Materialise, explains why a traditional manufacturing company may want to get into additive manufacturing, the main considerations for manufacturers looking to add capabilities in additive manufacturing, and explores the “triangle of materials, hardware and software.”

The Roles of STEM Education in Taking On the Skills Gap

In this podcast, Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Dean Steadman, CNC Education Program Manager for FANUC America, about how manufacturing is different than it was 20 years ago and how FANUC helps students and current workers become proficient with robotics and CNC automation.

Smart Technologies Change How Parts are Designed, Programmed and Manufactured

Smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and the Industrial Internet of Things are all fast-evolving concepts that are changing how manufacturing processes are designed and implemented. In this podcast, Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Ben Mund, Senior Market Analyst for CNC Software Inc., the developer of Mastercam CAD/CAM Software, about how companies are addressing these changes, including how parts are designed, programmed and manufactured.

How Zoller Implements Tool-Management Solutions

At the Westec show in Long Beach, Calif., Cedric Hasenfratz, national sales manager at Zoller USA, explains what common challenges in manufacturing Zoller is determined to solve. He also goes over the company’s approach to implementing tool-management solutions.

Insight into HP’s new PP, expansion of 3D printing

David Tucker, automotive strategy and production development manager at HP 3D Printing, and Kyle Harvey, business unit manager for additive manufacturing at Extol, talk about HP’s recent announcement of polypropylene as a material for AM, as well as how Extol is involved in HP’s expansion of its 3D printing business.

How Machine Shops Can Benefit from New Automation Technology

As automation technology becomes more effective, cost effective, and easier to implement, job shops are automating more and more of their processes. In this episode, Alan Rooks, editor in chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Michael Gaunce, group manager, stationary workholding for Schunk Inc., about what a small to medium size job shop should consider when starting and exploration into automation; the particular machines or jobs that are easier to automate over others; why high part quantities are not needed in order to automate a job; what types of skills a shop should look for in employees working with automation; and how to define categories for the different styles of automation used in machine tool tending.

The Deeper Issue around Total Cost of Ownership for Manufacturers

In this Podcast, Bruce Morey, Senior Technical Editor for Manufacturing Engineering Magazine discusses up-front purchase price as compared to total cost of ownership (TCO) with John Krause, Applications Engineer with Promess, Inc. Manufacturers should be aware of how the total spend for equipment, when spread out over a few years of operation, may be higher for equipment that costs less to purchase up-front.