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The ROI for Cobot Welders

In this podcast, Joe Campbell, senior manager-strategic marketing & applications development for Universal Robots shares his insights on the future of automation and other recent trends with SME Senior Editor Steve Plumb.

Plex – Quality as a Mindset, Quality as a Culture

Anthony Murphy, Vice President of Product Management at Plex, joins Smart Manufacturing contributing lead editor Amy Bryson for a discussion about the need for manufacturers to cultivate a mindset and a culture of quality to improve the bottom line, attract and retain talent, and bolster customer satisfaction.

Making the Case for Machine Learning

In this podcast, Greg Farrar, Head of R&D and Plant Manager at CpK Interior Products and Graham Synott, Process Engineer – IT Systems at Linamar, will share their experiences in successfully getting pilot programs off the ground and quickly demonstrating ROI to stakeholders.

Limitless Connectivity and Smart Manufacturing

In this podcast, SME Media Senior Editor Steve Plumb talks with Per Treven, director of business development-manufacturing for Ericsson, about how advanced 5G networks and “limitless” connectivity enable next-generation systems and maximize ROI.

How Intelligent Automation Drives Flexible Manufacturing

In this podcast, Paolo Avagliano, senior vice president of delivery and customer success at Bright Machines, shares his perspective on how to adapt to changing consumer demands and withstand unexpected market shifts with a full-stack, automated assembly solution.