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Lean Certification


Keeping the credentials you worked hard for is just as important as earning them. Recertification requires that you participate in ongoing lean activities, which can take many forms. Whether you recertify at Lean Bronze, Lean Silver, or Lean Gold, you will need to document a minimum of 60 recertification credits over a three-year period from receiving your certification or last recertification.

NEW: Combined Lean Recertification Credit

Individuals that have allowed previous certification levels to expire while currently maintaining a higher level certification will be allowed a one-time option to bring each level of certification up to date at their next recertification date.

If you hold multiple Lean certifications, the same credits can be used toward recertification as long as the activity falls within the three-year certification period. You need 60 credits total to recertify multiple credentials.

For example, you earned your Bronze certification on 1/1/2010 and your Silver certification on 6/1/2013. Recertification for your Bronze is on 1/1/2013 and your Silver is on 6/1/2016. You may apply your training and development activities between 6/1/2013-6/1/2016 toward recertifying both credentials.

Recertification Activities

Your education, training, and development must be focused on the Lean Body of Knowledge and include activities from three or more of the categories below.

Attendance Attend a lean-related event, seminar, or chapter meeting.
Authorship Ownership Write a book or technical paper, apply for an award, prepare speaker materials, and submit your recertification reflection statement.
Education Attend college or continuing education classes, employer-arranged training, virtual training, webinar training, or teach a review program.
Involvement Take part in a speaking engagement, committee activity, Kaizen project, or review a Lean Certification portfolio.
Leadership Participate on a lean-related committee or board.
Go To Gemba Gemba-related activities, including employment and plant tours.
Customer Feedback A documented lean-related reference or testimonial.



Recertification Fee

Single Lean Certification Multiple Lean Certifications
SME/AME/Shingo Institute
Members and Partners
$125 2 Certifications = 15% discount
Nonmembers $220 3 + Certifications = 20% discount


Note: You will receive an email notification with the option to recertify online 90, 60, and 30 days prior to your expiration date. If you are renewing multiple certifications, you will receive an email notification for each certification that is expiring. If you have met the credit requirement, please click on the “click here” link in each notification email to add the certification you are renewing to the shopping cart. The shopping cart will provide you your discount when you checkout.

If you have any questions, please email us.