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Lean Certification

Lean Certification Review Program Guidelines

To help you prepare for the examination, authorized facilitators have been trained by AME, the Shingo Institute, and SME to deliver a Lean Certification Review Course. If you or your organization is interested in holding a review course, please review this information.

Program Scheduling

  • ALL review programs must be approved by SME.
  • Events should be scheduled no less than 16 weeks from the time approval is requested.
  • Email SME Certification or call 800.733.4763 or 313.425.3000 to schedule a review program and exam date.

Program Duration

  • Each course MUST be at least two days in duration.
  • At least 13 hours of review program time must be scheduled between the two days.

Exam Administration

  • Host and/or facilitator MUST offer to proctor an exam following the review program.
  • Exam MUST be offered on the day immediately following the review program.
  • Host and/or facilitator must indicate if the exam is closed (only for review program attendees) or open (available to anyone to attend and take).
  • Host is responsible for collecting all Lean Certification applications and fees and sending the same SME no less than two weeks in advance of the review program start date (See Group Exam Guidelines).
  • Host is responsible for providing SME a full attendee roster including contact information within two weeks after the conclusion of the review program.

Authorized Facilitators

  • SME maintains a list of authorized facilitators.
  • Host MUST use an authorized facilitator from this list and is responsible for establishing a contract with the facilitator.

Program Materials

  • Authorized facilitators have access to the most current program materials.
  • Host MUST work with the facilitator to obtain the most current program materials in electronic form.
  • Facilitator will provide the host with electronic versions of all program materials so that the host can prepare copies for the program attendees.

For additional information and questions, email SME Certification or call 800.733.4763 or 313.425.3000.