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Lean Certification

For Companies

Your business can only be as lean as your workforce.

Lean has found its way into businesses across every industry — from manufacturing to medical — for good reason. It’s a smarter way of doing business that saves time, money, and resources while reducing waste. It also provides your customers with greater value in the products they want. Implementing lean processes requires a workforce that can apply these practices in a meaningful way. Lean Certification validates your employees’ knowledge of lean and helps them attain the skills that can advance your organization.

Our team works with you to start an assessment and develop the right action plan to meet your goals and objectives.

Why Lean Certification?

  • Demonstrates to customers, competitors, suppliers, staff, and investors that you are using industry respected best practices to optimize your efficiency and provide the greatest value to your customers.
  • Increases return on investment — over 90% of companies that use certifications have seen a positive ROI.1
  • Leads to overall improved performance — as your workforce’s performance improves so does your organization.
  • Improves safety ratings — certified employees understand the importance of safety and quality.
  • Validates lean knowledge. It’s a benchmark to support your workforce development initiatives and takes the guesswork out of hiring and promotion.
  • Reduces turnover — companies report as much as a 50% reduction in turnover from hiring certified employees.1
  • Differentiates between hiring candidates beyond academic experience — demonstrates a commitment in continuous improvement.

The industry-leading Lean Certification program is the result of a partnership among four leading non-profit organizations that collectively set the standard for operational excellence and an improved workforce. The Lean Certification Alliance — Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), Shingo Institute, and SME — draws on their collective experience and the proven practices of thousands of individuals to provide continuous improvement.

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1 The Manufacturing Institute. “Developing Skilled Workers: A Toolkit for Manufacturers on Recruiting and Training a Quality Workforce.”