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Outcome Assessments

Outcome assessments are designed to help educators and companies alike. Developed in partnership with industry leaders, each assessment has its standard Body of Knowledge for their respective area.

The Benefits

For educators, outcome assessments enrich and support accreditation requirements, help evaluate and validate curriculum programs, and prepare students for industry roles.

For companies, assessments serve as tools to evaluate workforce knowledge and development plans.

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Certified Manufacturing Technologist

Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT)

This is an effective outcome assessment tool for four-year manufacturing and engineering technology programs.
Lean Knowledge Certification

Lean Knowledge Certificate

Incorporate the Lean Bronze Certification exam as an outcome assessment for your curriculum and provide students with the opportunity to establish their lean knowledge.

EET Outcome Assessment

Measure and improve student learning, evaluate your program curriculum, and support accreditation requirements with the Electrical/Electronics Technology (EET) Outcome Assessment.