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These finished modular units, which are part of the multi-family residential building shown on page 33, were built by Z Mod with modular metal frames and delivered to the site 95 percent complete, each within 1/16" tolerance.

Modular Building Unit Maker Boosts Productivity with Modular Workholding

July 28, 2021
Zekelman Industries had a goal to deliver steel-framed, volumetric modular building units up to 50 percent faster, without cost overruns, built to 1/16” (1.59-mm) tolerance.
Hardinge logo

Hardinge to Acquire Weisser

July 21, 2021
Hardinge Inc. and J.G Weisser GmbH & Co. KG have entered into a definitive agreement under which Hardinge will acquire Weisser.
By Hardinge Press Release
Roughing turning cycle using a Sandvik Coromant CoroTurn Prime B-type insert.

ModuleWorks, Sandvik Coromant and HCL Technologies Collaborate on PrimeTurning

July 8, 2021
A collaboration including ModuleWorks GmbH, Sandvik Coromant, and CAMWorks has produced one of the first commercial implementations of Sandvik Coromant’s new PrimeTurning methodology in a CAM system.
By ModuleWorks Press Release

CGTech Releases VERICUT Version 9.2

July 2, 2021
CGTech has released the latest version of its VERICUT software, Version 9.2. VERICUT CNC machine simulation, verification, and optimization software simulates CNC machining, additive, and hybrid manufacturing processes.
By CGTech Press Release
Thierry Wolter and Andreas Kordwig

Ceratizit Hosts Online Cutting Tool Optimization Event

July 1, 2021
An online “It’s Tool Time” event, eight months after Ceratizit’s first Tool Time show, focused on how manufacturers merge the use of Ceratizit cutting tools–from a portfolio of 65,000 products–with new technologies such as additive manufacturing.
By Larry Adams Contributing Writer, SME Media
Machining Inconel 718 with Greenleaf's "phase toughened" XSYTIN-360 solid-ceramic end mill.

An Improbable but Powerful Solution

June 23, 2021
At first glance, ceramic cutting tools appear doomed to failure, but the reality is just the opposite.
Kip Hanson
By Kip Hanson Contributing Editor, SME Media
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Expert Opinions

  • The CoroDrill 860-GM can be reconditioned up to three times.
    Expert Opinion

    The Sharpest Tool in the Box

    January 21, 2021
    The word “reconditioned” can ignite visions of worn, overworked products inferior to new ones. The reality is as long as you purchase from a reputable supplier, reconditioned cutting tools will deliver the same consistent results as they did upon initial purchase.
    By Jill Glynn - Commercial Services Manager, Sandvik Coromant
  • Mark Howard United States Country Manager EU Automation
    Expert Opinion

    How Bright is the Future of Automation?

    April 17, 2020
    In the 1955 short story “Autofac,” Philip K. Dick envisioned a world dominated by self-replicating robots that work incessantly, eventually depleting the planet’s resources.
    By Mark Howard - United States Country Manager, EU Automation
  • Jack Kerlin Applications Engineer BIG Kaiser—Americas
    Expert Opinion

    Rough Boring vs. Finish Boring

    April 16, 2020
    There’s more than one way to finish a hole. The most effective option will depend on the number of parts, cycle time and tolerances. One of the most effective options is boring.
    By Jack Kerlin - Applications Engineer, BIG Kaiser—Americas

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