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Sridhar Tayur, University Professor of Operations Management and Ford Distinguished Research Chair, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

What supply chain players are learning from the pandemic

March 31, 2020
In the U.S., we are not seeing any specific localized disruption yet, although I’m watching New Jersey where it could be on the cusp. There are a lot of manufacturing facilities there in pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and therefore that’s an area I think we should be paying attention to.
By Karen Haywood Queen Contributing Editor, SME Media
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What Supply Chain Players Are Learning From The Pandemic

March 31, 2020
Smart Manufacturing magazine Contributing Editor Karen Haywood Queen speaks with Sridhar Tayur about what supply chain players are learning from COVID-19. The Carnegie Mellon professor covers the roles AM and cobots are playing. He also looks at what manufacturers should consider doing to be prepared for the next hugely disruptive event.
By Karen Haywood Queen Contributing Editor, SME Media
Mike Yost Outreach Advisor CESMII

How much better off would U.S. be during pandemic with smart, connected manufacturing?

March 30, 2020
With automakers turning out ventilators and protective face shields, brewers and distillers bottling hand sanitizer, and garment factories stitching up gowns and masks to fill a yawning gap in personal protective equipment for health care workers, the coronavirus pandemic is shining a million-watt spotlight on the critical role manufacturing plays in society.
Ilene Wolff
By Ilene Wolff Contributing Editor, SME Media
Steve George Business Intelligence Manager SME

The Challenge of Implementing New Technology

March 27, 2020
Many organizations struggle with applying new technology in their manufacturing operations. SME conducted the Manufacturing Technology Harmonization Study to understand how companies approach this challenge of integrating smart manufacturing, big data, and both new and old capital equipment in a cost-effective and practical implementation.
Steve George Business Intelligence Manager SME
By Steve George Business Intelligence Manager, SME
30 leaders transforming manufacturing

30 leaders transforming manufacturing

March 25, 2020
As manufacturing undergoes the revolutionary changes of the Digital Age, the people with the keenest leadership skills have taken up the charge to modernize the industry so that it leverages the cloud and Big Data and is connected and smart.
Ilene Wolff
By Ilene Wolff Contributing Editor, SME Media
CESMII CEO John Dyck, Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.) and UCLA’s Gene Block and Jim Davis met in Correa’s office in Washington immediately  after a Feb. 26 congressional briefing.

CESMII briefs U.S. leaders

March 24, 2020
U.S. manufacturing in general, and small- and medium-sized manufacturers in particular, are in danger of being left behind as Europe and Asia move faster toward Industry 4.0, John Dyck, CEO of the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII), told congressional staff, federal agency staff in a February briefing.
By Karen Haywood Queen Contributing Editor, SME Media
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Expert Opinions

  • Kevin Hill
    Expert Opinion

    Smart Manufacturing Drives Five Key Changes

    October 11, 2019
    What do you think of when you hear the word factory? Probably some huge space, with machines humming and personnel walking around with notepads in their hands.
    By Kevin Hill - Online Marketing Manager, Quality Scales Unlimited
  • Oliver Sturrock
    Smart Manufacturing

    Five Suggestions for How to Retain Tribal Knowledge

    August 7, 2019
    What is tribal knowledge and why should a company care? It is valuable, exclusive information stored only inside someone’s mind and communicated only verbally (if at all). The “someone” may have played an important role in an organization for decades and knows a thing or two that the company treasures yet cannot duplicate.
    By Oliver Sturrock - CTO, Fluke Digital Systems
  • Robert Glaser
    Smart Manufacturing

    To Prepare for Blockchain, First Check These Three Things

    August 6, 2019
    The value-add of blockchain for businesses is estimated to grow into the trillions by 2030. Experts believe product recalls alone—estimated to cost $8 million today—could be practically eliminated through improved track and traceability enabled by blockchain.
    By Robert Glaser - CEO, Auvesy Inc.

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