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Due to their ability to turn extremely large and heavy workpieces, vertical turret lathes like this one from Absolute Machine Tools are highly capable of machining supersized parts.

A New World for Energy Parts Manufacturing

November 30, 2021
Solar, wind and hydro are striving for dominance in the energy sector while oil and gas continues to hang on tight. What does it mean for suppliers?
Kip Hanson
By Kip Hanson Contributing Editor, SME Media
Keith Higgins

OSB giant understands value of digital thread is not TBD

November 30, 2021
How the digital thread increases visibility of upstream and downstream workflows.
By Keith Higgins VP of Digital Transformation, Rockwell Automation
Alan Rooks

Energy Industry Demands New Mix of Parts

November 29, 2021
While fossil fuels dominate the energy market, expect a new mix of parts as renewable energy and EVs grow in market share.
Alan Rooks
By Alan Rooks Editor in Chief, Manufacturing Engineering
CESMII CEO John Dyck, Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.) and UCLA’s Gene Block and Jim Davis met in Correa’s office in Washington immediately after a February 2020 congressional briefing.

CESMII and SME join forces to accelerate smart manufacturing

November 29, 2021
Meeting the urgent need for a National Smart Manufacturing Executive Council
John Dyck CEO Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute
By John Dyck CEO, Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute
“The laws of physics contain an enormous wealth of information in a very condensed way,” said Herman Van der Auweraer, director of technology innovation at Siemens Digital Industries Software. “Physics-based simulation methods are using these physics laws.”

With physics-informed AI, machine operators can trust and verify

November 26, 2021
Physics-informed AI simulations are beginning to replace artificial neural network models, yielding more accurate and more trustworthy predictions than ANN simulations.
By Karen Haywood Queen Contributing Editor, SME Media
Gabriel P. Glynn

Making work safer, healthier one data point at a time

November 23, 2021
As broad-based adoption of wearable tech grows, it is not a stretch to think that in a few years we will have enough predictive data to dramatically reduce workplace injuries and fatalities.
Gabriel P. Glynn
By Gabriel P. Glynn CEO, MākuSafe
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