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A doctor in Zimbabwe uses HIV-testing cartridges that DRW assembles with a Bright  Machines Microfactory

How the riches of Industry 4.0 are helping small medical device makers go beyond expectations

July 14, 2020
Today, it’s tremendously difficult to get products made. To turn an idea into a tangible object requires a list of difficult-to-obtain resources, including expensive machinery and capital, and a lot of time to program and configure machines.
Amar Hanspal CEO Bright Machines
By Amar Hanspal CEO, Bright Machines
Face shields and masks are among the PPE items being 3D printed today.

Practices and Pitfalls of 3D Printing for COVID-19

June 22, 2020
By now, most of us in the manufacturing world are familiar with the steady stream of news describing organizations, large and small, providing medical equipment using 3D printers.
Bruce Morey
By Bruce Morey Senior Technical Editor, SME Media
3D printing can be an integral element at point of care, enabled by a digital information ecosystem.

Reimagining Healthcare With 3D Printing

June 10, 2020
Speaking at the 3DHEALS 2020 virtual conference, Sam Onukuri from Johnson & Johnson discusses the emergence of 3D Printing in healthcare coinciding with new expectations from customers.
Bruce Morey
By Bruce Morey Senior Technical Editor, SME Media
Dental Bridge

Planning the Process for Additive Manufacturing

June 4, 2020
The medical industry is booming. Aging populations, rising rates of health care utilization and advancements in manufacturing technology are driving the industry forward—and toward a future that includes additive manufacturing (AM) as a major part of the part-production environment.
By Jon Carlson GF Machining Solutions
Build plate of titanium prototype hip trackers prior to CNC finish machining at Renishaw Canada Solutions Centre in Kitchener, Ontario.

Workholding for High Accuracy Medical Device Machining

June 4, 2020
Metal 3D printing can enable rapid, low cost iterations of new medical devices, since no tooling costs are involved.
By Mark Kirby AM Business Manager, Renishaw Canada
The polyjet 3D printing process used to create a cast urethane mold.

Using Cast Urethanes and 3D printing for Advanced Medical Manufacturing

June 3, 2020
When injection molding is cost-prohibitive, medical equipment manufacturers are turning to a marriage of two advanced methods—urethane casting and 3D printing.
By Emran Mursalin Stratasys Direct Manufacturing
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