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Medical Additive Manufacturing

AM/3DP University Database

Welcome to the University database, where information regarding additive manufacturing/3D printing in higher education is made readily available for professionals and students.

You can:

  • Search by university, location, laboratory, or laboratory leader
  • Search by additive manufacturing process (powder bed fusion, binder jetting, etc.), material used (metal, polymers, etc.), material form (powder, liquid, etc.)
  • Add a university, class, or research group
  • Provide feedback and ideas for improvement of the system
  • Suggest universities, labs, or classes to be added

You will find:

  • Universities with additive manufacturing courses
  • Laboratories with 3D printers
  • Groups at universities dedicated to additive manufacturing
  • Research leaders with their contact information

Before you begin, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your search:

  • In the text search fields, the system will treat more than one word as a phrase.
  • To select more than one item in a list, hold the CTRL key and click on multiple options.
  • Not selecting an option in a field or choosing “SELECT” will not use that field as a filter.
  • The search is NOT case-sensitive.

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