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Automation Alley Publishes Latest Integr8 Playbook

By Cameron Kerkau Associate Editor, SME Media

Automation Alley, a nonprofit business association based in Troy, Mich., has released its third 2024 Integr8 Roundtable Series playbook: “Shaping Tomorrow: Mastering Additive Manufacturing.” This edition focuses on the impact of additive manufacturing (AM) on traditional design processes.

“The additive process continues to redefine the way factories approach and think about how products are made,” Tom Kelly, executive director and CEO of Automation Alley, said in a press release. “3D printing provides manufacturers with the ability to be more precise and rapidly customizable than traditional machining and assembly lines. Pair that with generative design AI and distributed manufacturing and the possibilities for efficiency and flexibility are endless.”

Sponsored by Stratasys Ltd. and produced in partnership with Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center and Michigan State University, the “Shaping Tomorrow” playbook explores topics including:

  • Design for additive manufacturing (DFAM)
  • Generative artificial intelligence design and AM
  • Project DIAMOnD, a distributed manufacturing and AM use case
  • AM and sustainability
  • Government support with Additive Manufacturing Forward
  • Integrating AM programs in education
  • Building a scalable framework

Automation Alley’s Integr8 Roundtables are invite-only discussions regarding the opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0, the insights of which are gathered in a digital playbook published online. “Shaping Tomorrow” was developed after a Feb. 14 roundtable discussion.

Manufacturers are often reluctant to adopt AM because it is so different from traditional processes and it can be difficult to justify the cost, the association says.

“At Automation Alley, we believe it is imperative for manufacturers to integrate 3D printer applications into their manufacturing process to stay competitive in the Industry 4.0 future,” Kelly said. “This playbook offers powerful insights for companies looking for a starting point into a distributed and additive manufacturing future.”

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