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Addionics Announces $400 Million Investment in U.S. EV Battery Manufacturing

By Addionics Ltd Press Release

Cupertino, Calif.—Addionics Ltd, a provider of battery technologies, announced a planned $400 million investment into its United States manufacturing facilities as part of a multi-year roadmap to support domestic EV battery production. The growing demand for high-performance EV batteries has put pressure on battery manufacturers to ramp up production and bring down costs. According to the company, the factories will generate 3D copper foils to support 90GWh of battery capacity a year, representing an exponential increase in US copper foil production, a critical battery component currently underserved in the market.

Addionics’ first plant is expected to begin production in 2027, with additional plants expected to be completed by 2032. The three-phase, multi-factory plan will produce tens of thousands of tons of 3D copper foil per year, reducing the overall cost of batteries in the U.S., strengthening supply chain stability and bolstering domestic battery production, says the company.

“The ability to manufacture cost-effective, high-performance batteries at scale is the biggest challenge facing the EV industry today,” says Moshiel Biton, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Addionics. “The new U.S. facility will be our largest manufacturing facility to date and will be able to support and accelerate the local production of the next generation of batteries that are powering the EV and electrified future.”

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