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Ideagen Enters Agreement to Acquire DevonWay to Strengthen High-Risk Industry Services Portfolio

Hillary Cargo
By Hillary Cargo Senior Editor, SME Media

Ideagen, a global leader in regulation and compliance technology, has announced its plans to acquire DevonWay, a renowned provider of compliance and operations management software for high-risk industries. DevonWay specializes in quality, safety, asset and work management solutions and counts the US Department of Energy sites, National Security Administration Laboratories, Biogen, GE Healthcare, and two top-five US engineering & construction firms among its trusted clients.

The acquisition agreement will facilitate DevonWay's expansion by utilizing Ideagen's global reach and resources while continuing to offer mission-critical modular solutions to its loyal customer base. Ideagen, already known for providing software solutions supporting regulated and highly compliant industries, sees this agreement as a strategic move to enhance its portfolio and serve both existing and new clients in complex high-risk sectors with multi-regulatory requirements.

Ideagen CEO Ben Dorks expressed excitement about the acquisition, emphasizing the potential for strengthening solutions in high-risk industries that must meet multiple regulatory mandates. Chris Moustakas, CEO of DevonWay, praised the partnership with Ideagen, stating it offers the opportunity to scale up significantly and aligns with their values, culture and strategic focus.

DevonWay's suite of solutions encompasses environmental health and safety, quality management, enterprise asset management, and workforce management, all fully integrated and configurable to meet industry-specific needs. The acquisition is expected to close on September 29, with a customary regulatory review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States due to the nature of the industries and organizations served by DevonWay.

Ideagen has a strong presence in regulated and high-compliance industries worldwide, supporting over 11,400 customers, including government organizations, aviation firms, accounting firms, aerospace and defense corporations, pharmaceutical companies and food & drink companies. Headquartered in Nottingham, UK, Ideagen has a global presence, with offices in the US, Australia, India, Malaysia and the UAE.

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