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ABB Robotics Unveils OptiFact Software Platform

Hillary Cargo
By Hillary Cargo Senior Editor, SME Media
(Image courtesy of ABB Robotics)

ABB Robotics has introduced its modular OptiFact software platform, designed to streamline data collection, visualizationand analysis in automated production facilities. This platform allows users to collect, manage and analyze data from various factory devices, including ABB robots, ultimately enhancing key performance indicators like cycle time and overall equipment efficiency (OEE). OptiFact accelerates diagnostics and decision-making processes, resulting in increased production line uptime with reduced engineering effort, ensuring seamless alignment with customer demand.

As the demand for automation solutions surges due to digitization, sustainable manufacturing acceleration and pandemic-related factors, ABB Robotics has responded with OptiFact. This software platform aligns with the growing trend towards digitalization in manufacturing, offering flexibility, efficiency and sustainability enhancements.

OptiFact is part of ABB's comprehensive suite of digital solutions, empowering businesses to envision digitally enabled processes, implement them on the factory floor, and enhance operations by simplifying production, ultimately boosting productivity and flexibility. With OptiFact, factory operators can efficiently identify the root causes of production errors and leverage ABB's RobotStudio Cloud to fine-tune programs and develop improved robotic solutions.

RobotStudio's suite of solutions, including desktop, cloud, and AR viewer options, simplifies the planning and adaptation of ABB industrial robots for new production tasks. It offers innovative features such as automatic path planning, enhancing efficiency and collision avoidance. RobotStudio accelerates design and commissioning by up to 50% by providing a highly accurate digital twin of the robot.

OptiFact has been successfully deployed in various production environments, including a highly automated automotive facility, where it saved up to 25% of experts' time and enabled the deployment of over 580 robots. Small and mid-sized enterprises also benefit from OptiFact, as it identified production bottlenecks and increased production time by up to 20% in pilot projects.

To further demonstrate its commitment to innovation, ABB is hosting a public preview competition offering 20 winners six months of free access to OptiFact, including customer support, to test the platform and enhance production efficiency.

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