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Mazak Brings Precision Machining to PRI 2023

By Mazak Corp. Press Release

Florence, Ky.—At this year’s Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show, Dec. 7-9 in Indianapolis, Mazak will demonstrate three automation-ready machines designed with motorsports part production in mind. The VC-Ez 20X Vertical Machining Center that provides cost-effective processing of complex parts via 3 and 2 or full 5-axis machining, the SYNCREX 38/9X Swiss-style Turning Machine for fast production of small precise components and the QT-Ez 8MSY Turning Machine for Multi-Tasking Done-In-One production capability.

According to Dan Janka, president of Mazak, the company has a long history in the motorsports industry and exhibiting at the PRI show. “The advanced machine technology we demonstrate allows both racing teams and their suppliers to boost their manufacturing speed and precision to consistently maintain a competitive advantage,” he says. “And this year’s show is no exception.”

PRI show attendees will experience first-hand Mazak’s Kentucky-designed and built VC-Ez 20X that features a rotary/tilt trunnion table with roller gear cam technology. For part size flexibility, axis travels on the VC-Ez 20X measure 31.5" in X, 20.08" in Y and 20.08" in Z (1050 mm x 510 mm x 635 mm), with a rapid traverse rate of 1,260 ipm (42,011.6 mm/m) on all three axes. The machine accommodates maximum workpiece dimensions of 27.55" in diameter, 23" tall and weighing up to 881 pounds. The ergonomically designed machine requires only 99.72 sq ft of floor space.

The VC-Ez 20X features a 25 hp 12,000 rpm CAT-40 spindle with 30-tool magazine automatic tool changer. Options include a 15,000-rpm 29.5-hp (22 kWh) spindle with 81.13 ft-lb of torque and a 50-tool capacity tool changer.

VC-Ez 20X machine programming can shorten the learning curve for new operators, and Mazak’s MAZATROL SmoothEz5 CNC features a 15" capacitive touch screen with full keyboard. Within the control, EIA/G-code and MAZATROL Conversational programming languages provide a full range of programming options directly on the machine.

For high-volume production of small, precise parts, the SYNCREX 38/9X Swiss-style machine is built on Mazak’s High Damping Composite Casting (HDCC). The high-rigidity base provides greater vibration damping characteristics, less thermal growth, longer tool life and greater part surface capabilities than cast iron.

The SYNCREX 38/9X handles bar stock up to 1.5" (38 mm) and provides full 5-axis contouring using its B-axis tool post. Shops can run full bar capacity with no special bar end preparation, and a removable guide bushing adapter enables operators to preset the guide bushing outside the machine. The machine’s 10 hp (7.5 kW) main and second spindles reach 8,000 rpm, and its rapid traverse rates measure 1,378 ipm (35,000 mm/min) on the X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Z1 and Z2 axes.

The standard tool configuration with exclusive Mazak tool presetter reduces setup time with fast presetting of up to 39 tools, the company says. A full catalog of modular tool holders enables shops to configure tooling flexibility to meet their part requirements.

The SYNCREX 38/9X includes the new MAZATROL SmoothSt5 control with full mechanical keyboard. The optional Mazak Swiss Setup Assist (MSSA) provides fast and easy job setup capabilities, while the optional Mazak Dynamic Chip Control (MDCC) functionality increases chip-management performance, says Mazak.

The Kentucky-designed and built QT-Ez 8MSY turning machine, with milling and Y-axis capability paired with a second turning spindle provides complete Done-In-One part processing. All Mazak machines are designed for seamless automation integration, including the Ez Series, the company says. The QT-Ez 8MSY easily integrates with bar feeders, parts catchers and cooperative robot installations such as Mazak Automation Systems’ Cobot Cell System models, the CC-10 and CC-16.

As its model number indicates, the QT-Ez 8MSY, with a 20" bed sports an 8" chuck as standard equipment, with a 6" chuck as optional. Available machine turrets include 2-axis drum style with a bolt-on or BMT55 turret for rotary tool applications.

The turret milling spindle offers 6,000 rpm with 7.5 hp (5.59 kW) and 25.8 ft-lbs of torque. A 6,000 rpm second turning spindle with a 5" chuck is available with a through-hole package for shaft transfer applications as optional.

The QT-Ez 8MSY features the MAZATROL SmoothEz CNC with dual 800 MHz processors, 512 MB of RAM and a 15" capacitive touch screen that includes a full keyboard and displays up to 60 lines of code. The control supports EIA/G-code and full MAZATROL conversational programming directly on the machine.

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