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Cyber Threats and Domestic Manufacturing

Amy Bryson
By Amy Bryson Contributing Lead Editor, Smart Manufacturing

Welcome to 2023’s first issue of Smart Manufacturing, which takes a deep dive into the complex cyber threat landscape facing manufacturers. Research studies paint a stark reality for manufacturers, reporting 40 percent experienced a cyberattack within the last year, and many of those suffering more than $1 million in damages. Several articles in this issue provide insights from security experts calling to make strategic investments and stay ahead of cyber threats, as well as ways to maintain business continuity in the event of a breach. 

Navigating the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC 2.0) is top of mind for manufacturers this year. Ilene Wolff explores this new security framework, which is a sizable shift in government contracting. Manufacturers must achieve certification by 2025, or they run the risk of missing out on lucrative defense contracts.

Karen Haywood Queen investigates how cybercriminals identify and exploit vulnerabilities in smart factories that contain interconnected systems and devices, often sharing the same network. She also spoke with top industry security leaders to get their take on protecting data and preventing disruption.

In addition to addressing cybersecurity, Kip Hanson looks at the state of domestic manufacturing, revealing that 90 percent of leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing is now done outside the United States. Enter the CHIPS Act, which is a comprehensive framework intended to course correct losses with planned investments of more than $50 billion into semiconductor research, corporate investment tax credits, wireless communications technology, and workforce development, among other initiatives.

Coming in April, we will focus on  small- and mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs) to help address their challenges and opportunities through smart software, talent acquisition strategies, and best practices for digital transformation.

Until then, enjoy!  

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