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Wayland Additive Joins EWI at RAPID + TCT

By Wayland Additive Press Release

(Huddersfield, U.K.) Key executives from the Wayland Additive team will be attending the upcoming Rapid+TCT event May 17-19 in Detroit, MI. Wayland will be supporting EWI (Booth 2935) following the recently signed MoU between the two companies to advance and promote eBeam metal additive manufacturing (AM), specifically with the NeuBeam process. 

Wayland’s Calibur3 metal AM system (featuring NeuBeam) introduces a step-change in performance and capability compared with existing metal AM machines on the market today. NeuBeam® is an entirely new, ground-breaking powder bed fusion (PBF) process that offers the opportunity to 3D print metal parts that cannot otherwise be produced, due to current metal AM process limitations. The potential for new applications is greatly increased, because NeuBeam offers the opportunity to use a much wider range of metal materials. NeuBeam® also enables the production of larger parts without having to worry about residual stress or gas cross flow and without having to pre-sinter the powder bed. The printable area of the first version of the Calibur3 system is 300 x 300 x 450 mm.  

CEO Will Richardson says, “We are excited to be at Rapid+TCT, our first opportunity to engage with a mass audience in the United States, and hot on the heels of our really productive few days at the recent AMUG meeting in Chicago. We recently signed an MoU with EWI Inc with the purpose of solidifying a collaboration between the two parties with the stated intention of EWI purchasing a Calibur3 system, which will be installed and run at their Buffalo Manufacturing Works facility in the USA with full support from Wayland. At EWI’s booth you will not only be able to meet key representatives from Wayland Additive, but also key members of the EWI team who will be happy to discuss the potential they see in our Calibur3 system. Also, from their position as a trusted and well-established independent engineering consultancy with a reputation for working with advanced metal AM processes, the EWI team will be on-hand to give their views on the use of metal AM across industry as many manufacturers are now shifting to its use as a production technology.” 

Wayland Additive’s NeuBeam® process is a hot part process rather than a hot bed process. This means it efficiently creates parts that are free of residual stresses because the high temperatures are only applied to the part and not the bed, ensuring free-flowing powder post-build (no sinter cake) and stress-free parts with reduced energy consumption. In addition, the process overcomes many of the limitations for manufacturing large components – no residual thermal stresses, no gas cross-flow, and a much-simplified powder removal process than existing eBeam systems. 

Peter Hansford, Director of Business Development says, “The NeuBeam® process is capable of producing fully dense parts in a wide range of materials, many of which are not compatible with traditional eBeam or laser PBF processes such as refractory metals and highly reflective alloys. As a result, the NeuBeam® process can demonstrate vastly improved metallurgy, without many of the compromises that existing metal AM processes necessitate. We would be delighted to discuss our technology with all attendees at Rapid+TCT, and look forward to exploring how Calibur3 can contribute to your manufacturing endeavors moving forward.” 

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