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Executives Urge Greater 3D Printing Efforts

Bill Koenig
By Bill Koenig Senior Editor, SME Media

DETROIT -- Two executives today called on increased efforts in 3D printing.

“It’s time to scale up our efforts,” said Yoav Zeif, CEO of additive manufacturer Stratasys Ltd. “We need to continue to innovate. We need more tailored solutions.”

Brian Baughman, manufacturing chief engineer at Honeywell Aerospace, said more information about additive materials is needed to encourage designers to use the technology more.

“We have a 21st-century technology,” he said. “We should use it to make more 21st century materials. We cannot sit around and hope someone does the hard work.”

Zeif and Baughman spoke at the start of the second day of the RAPID + TCT trade show being held at Huntington Place in Detroit.

The aerospace industry generally has been a supporter of additive, viewing the technology to make aircraft lighter with more efficient use of expensive metals.

Honeywell Aerospace makes more than 20 different parts approved by regulators for use in aircraft, Baughman said at the trade show.

The Honeywell executive is an additive enthusiast. He said regulatory approvals have slowed the adoption of 3D-printed parts. Also, he said, designers don’t have as much information about additive materials compared with the information available about more conventional materials.

“We cannot print for the sake of printing,” Baughman said. “None of this is easy.”

Honeywell Aerospace has been involved with additive manufacturing for 20 years. The company initially used the technology to produce molds. It has its own internal 3D printing capacity and works with additive manufacturing companies.

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