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Small Town Charm, Big Opportunities: Citrus County, Florida

By Veronica Kampschroer Citrus County Board of County Commissioners – Office of Communications

Located on the west coast of Florida -- an area affectionately known as the “Nature Coast” -- Citrus County is best known for the beauty of its natural environment and strong ecotourism industry. However, the county has been quietly enjoying strong manufacturing sector job trends in last decade. As the Tampa and Orlando markets grow, this unique community is poised to see that pattern continue. 


An hour north of Tampa and an hour and a half west of Orlando, Citrus County boasts just over 150,000 citizens and features natural springs, rivers, wildlife preserves, and forests affording limitless recreational opportunities. The county enjoys all the perks of being in a thriving economic region while maintaining the slow-paced quality of life that citizens and visitors enjoy. 

Though medical device manufacturing is more concentrated in South Florida, healthcare is an important component of both the business and residential communities of Citrus County. Medical device manufacturers like Accessibility Services and Sierra Dental Equipment have tied directly into the booming sector by locating their businesses in the county; similar companies could also find their fit in business-friendly Citrus. 


Other manufacturing firms like Sibex and Technology Conservation Group have also chosen Citrus County as their home base. In fact, Sibex is one of the top 20 private sector employers in the county.

Aviation company and local fixed-base operator Right Rudder Aviation have made a name for themselves as the only distributor of Italian-made Pipistrel aircraft in the United States. Their business is the cornerstone of the 78-acre Inverness Airport and Business Park – an ideal location for general and advanced manufacturing, airframe and UAV manufacturing, distribution and logistics, or aircraft assembly, disassembly, and/or recycling operations. Aligned workforce development promises a higher level of performance in these fields. 

Suncoast-Pkwy-Open_768x432.jpgThe newly extended Suncoast Parkway now provides a direct path from Citrus to the Tampa Bay market, increasing distribution and logistics opportunities for the area. More parkway interchanges and related transportation projects are currently in the planning phase, which will provide additional connectivity to the region upon completion. 

Citrus County offers an attractive location for up and downstream manufacturing, with easy access to interstate highway systems, deepwater ports, and rail networks. However, it is the community’s commitment to the small-town charm that sets it apart from the region’s fast-paced, urban areas. 

For more information about starting, locating, or expanding a business in Citrus, contact the Citrus County Economic Development team at
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