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Samag Machining Centers Available in North America from GMTA

By German Machine Tools of America

Ann Arbor, Mich.—A full line of Samag multispindle machining centers is being offered for the North American market by German Machine Tools of America (GMTA).

Samag has developed the modular construction kit for the new MFZ series from the point of view of the workpieces to be machined.

Samag, based in Saalfeld, Germany, with offices and service centers worldwide, engineers and builds a variety of multispindle machines, the MFZ Series for high-volume cubic work pieces.

The company supplies complete turnkey solution, including tooling, work holding, robotic articulation, parts handlers and transfer mechanisms for high-production work such as knuckles, engine blocks, gear boxes, valves and connecting rods.

With “FIT 2 PART,” the modular construction kit of the multispindle horizontal machining center has been developed from the point of view of the workpiece. Attention was focused on flexibility; the X, Y and Z axes of the two-spindle machine can be corrected independently of one another. Four sizes and two types of drive offer options for high-speed machining and heavy-duty cutting.

The number of spindles, the variable distance between them and the extendable tool magazine allow the machining of diverse workpiece dimensions and capacities, the company said.

All models are available with a linear or ball screw drive and up to four working spindles. Five-axis simultaneous machining and a workpiece feed during primary processing time are possible. The machine bed, filled with Hydropol, is thermally stable and demonstrates excellent damping abilities. Users benefit from higher productivity, flexibility, precision and energy-efficiency, the company said.

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