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Okuma Launches MA-600HIII Horizontal Machining Center

By Okuma Press Release

Members of the management team at Okuma America Corporation announce the launch of a next-generation machining center to join the company's horizontal machining center lineup. This new machine - the Okuma MA-600HIII – brings more machining capabilities to the MA-600H family by offering several new features.

Okuma America announces its new MA-600HIII Horizontal Machining Center

New 10K Spindle
The MA-600HIII's new 10K RPM standard spindle handles a wide range of applications, from heavy-duty to high-feed machining.  The enhanced spindle is now equipped with a new thru-spindle coolant suction feature, which removes residual coolant inside the tool and spindle.

Smart Design
This next-generation horizontal machining center weighs in at a massive 55,000 pounds, ensuring structural stability and consistent precision machining operations for the long haul. This machine has a larger work envelope than its predecessor, with added X-axis travel capabilities. Additionally, the MA-600HIII performs automatic tool change operations in less than four seconds.  Additional enhancements have also been made to Okuma's market-leading thermal management technology, including decreased temperature deviation of the machine to an improved 7μ (seven micron) dimensional change per 24-hour period.  This is particularly effective when faced with severe swings in the ambient temperature. 

Upgraded Chip & Coolant Management Systems
The Okuma MA-600HIII features an enhanced coolant management system, ball screw cooling for the X, Y and Z axes, an upgraded workspace design to prevent chip accumulation, and improved chip evacuation functionality. This level of innovation maximizes uptime and allows for long periods of continuous machine operation.

The all-new sludge-less tank technology activates sophisticated filtering and liquid flow patterns of the chip / coolant mixture to mitigate settling of the mixture in the bottom of the receiving tank.  This  reduces the need for tank cleaning and affords increased machine operation time.

Automation Friendly
The MA-600HIII's flexible design allows for a variety of automation applications. The workspace area can equip up to seven part loading/unloading ports or up to eight workholding clamp ports, which can help eliminate the need for complicated circuit arrangements for hydraulic applications. Up to 16 ports are available in the machine's setup station, expanding part capacity and the possibilities for robotic applications.

Key Specs of the MA-600HIII Horizontal Machining Center:                                               

  • Table Size                 mm (in)          630 x 630 (24.80 x 24.80)
  • Max Loadable Size    mm (in)         1,050 x 1,200 (41.34 x 47.24)
  • Spindle Speed           min⁻¹             10,000 [6,000, 12,000, 15,000 and 20,000 options also available]
  • Weight                        kg (lbs)          25,000 (55,000)
  • Rapid Traverse           m/min (ipm)   X: 60 (2,362), Y: 60 (2,362), Z: 60 (2,362)
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