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RoboDK Releases New Web Version

By RoboDK

A new web version has just been released of RoboDK, the robot programming software. This simplified version needs no license and provides a portable, simplified interface for sales representatives, new robot users, and educational uses.

RoboDK is a Canadian provider of robotics software dedicated to making the task of programming as simple as possible.

Creating convincing sales demos of robotic solutions is not always easy, according to the company. Robot integrators often use simulations to make it easier for clients to understand their solutions, but such simulations are not easily portable.

Until now, if an integrator wanted to use RoboDK for product demos they needed the full-featured version of the software. This meant physically bringing their laptop to the client's site and teaching the client how to navigate the software's extensive list of features. There was no simplified, digital version of the simulation for the client to test out without learning the software.

With the new web version, users can access RoboDK directly from their browser at No license key or installation is needed.

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