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Beyond Crypto, Tech & Tourism, Miami is a Manufacturing Hub

By Miami-Dade Beacon Council Press Release

When SOP Technologies sought the ideal destination to develop, test, manufacture, and market its devices that help stop ocean pollution, Miami quickly rose high on the list. 

Miami-Dade County’s multiple metal fabricating facilities gave SOP a choice among contractors to create its trash-trapping grates. Area colleges and universities are also training the next generation of mechanical engineers SOP will rely on for future innovations.


What’s more, the region’s efforts to address environmental issues is helping SOP introduce its product – which captures trash before stormwater runoff carries it to the ocean – to like-minded communities. 

“Miami offers us a great opportunity to manufacture our technology using local suppliers, and to reach a large client base of forward-thinking cities and counties,” said Emilio Lopez, CEO of SOP Technologies. “Because of our efforts in Miami, cities around the world are starting to recognize and implement our environmental technologies.” 

Widely known for tourism, business conventions and international trade, manufacturing is among the industries transforming the region’s economic engines. Regional manufacturing drove $940.8 million in sales and accounted for more than $1.21 billion in total economic impact in 2020, according to the South Florida Manufacturers Association. 


Even as Miami earns international headlines for its forays into cryptocurrency, tech startups, and venture capital, manufacturing thrives countywide. Companies based in this hemispheric crossroads find the global trade routes, skilled workforce, innovation ecosystem and access to capital required to seed and scale any business. 

“Miami supports a broad cross section of very specialized manufacturers who have discovered unmatched services, critical personnel and even lifestyle amenities,” added Jaap Donath, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Research & Strategic Planning with the Miami-Dade Beacon Council, the county’s official economic development organization. 


Miami manufacturers run the gamut, from handcrafted, artisan products to high-tech, health-tech and fintech, to mass production across diverse sectors including those targeting environmental and sustainability initiatives. The county also is home to hundreds of manufacturers serving the pharmaceutical, aviation and aerospace, food and beverage, and cruise and travel sectors. 

Life science company Santen Pharmaceutical subsidiary InnFocus manufactures a micro shunt for glaucoma patients. Cryptocurrency data mining center and Bitcoin farming company BIT5IVE provides advanced cryptocurrency hardware. 

Umbrella manufacturer TUCCI serves resorts worldwide. Food companies include Filthy Foods, which manufactures premium cocktail garnishes; and Miami Club Rum, whose organic sugarcane juice-based rum has won competitions worldwide. 

SOP Technologies isn’t alone in pursuit of environmentally-focused manufacturing. Danish salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire is innovating sustainable fish farming from its 390,000-square-foot aquaculture bluehouse in Homestead.

The region’s manufacturing sector is enjoying a steady upward trajectory. Companies investing here find a welcoming business community that shares a sense of opportunity and quality of life that transcends borders and is opening global markets to locally made products. 

“Greater Miami has found its place as a home for innovative manufacturers who want a skilled workforce and access to educational opportunities, all in a geographic destination ideally located to serve domestic and international markets,” said James Kohnstamm, the Council’s Executive Vice President of Economic Development. “Greater Miami has evolved to become a global hub of banking, commerce and trade. Today, add manufacturing to the key sectors creating a hub for 21st century industry.”

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council is the county’s official economic development partnership. Marketing the county as a world-class business destination, the Council attracts and retains companies that invest in and create high-value jobs, shaping Miami-Dade’s economic future. Fostering entrepreneurs, a diverse talent pipeline and a positive business climate, MDBC is driving long-term economic prosperity and inclusive growth for the community’s businesses and residents. For more information on bringing your business to Miami, visit

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