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BLM Introduces new sheet laser cutter and bender at FABTECH

By BLM Group Press Release

BLM demonstrated a number of its pieces of equipment at FABTECH. Highlights include:

Flat Sheet Laser Cutters

BLM GROUP USA added more processing power to its LS5 and LC5 flat sheet laser cutters with the new option of a 12kW fiber laser source, demonstrated at FABTECH 2021 Sept. 13 – 16, 2021.

BLM GROUP has added 12kW fiber laser power to its sheet laser cutting machines.

These machines can cut steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum sheets in thicknesses from .039 to 1.37” (1 to 34.7 mm), depending upon the material, according to BLM. Users can specify the power level, from 2kW–12 kW, that is best suited for their needs. With simultaneous axis speed up to 196 m/min and swift acceleration paired with a rigid mechanical structure, these systems deliver excellent cutting performance and accuracy.

The LC5 is a unique laser system that can also accommodate a tube processing module with the sheet and tube functioning autonomously, just sharing the cutting head. The tube processing module, capable of working with tubes up to 120 mm, has its own operator panel, which controls the entire system during tube processing. Two panels mean very simple management from the system point of view and extremely fast change over from one job to the other.

Tube Bender with LH Configuration

BLM GROUP demonstrated its ELECT150 tube bending machine at FABTECH 2021 featuring the new LH configuration capability.

Previously all models of the Elect were offered in RH configuration, but only the smaller machines, those with 3” (76.2 mm) or less tube handling,  had LH ability.  Now, the ELECT 102, 130 and 150 models, capable of processing tubes up to 6” (152.4 mm) in diameter, enable fabricators to choose the bending direction they use most– right- or left-handed, with the ability to quickly switch as needed.

BLM GROUP will demonstration its ELECT150 tube bender with LH configuration.

With multiple tool stack capability, the ELECT benders can produce fixed and variable radii in a single setup. The all-electric operation provides energy efficient production and eliminates the need for hose and piping associated with hydraulic systems. This helps to simplify maintenance and improve reliability for more consistent bending. These nine-axis systems are well-suited for tube production in a variety of industries including HVAC, furniture, automotive and aerospace.

The ELECT multiple tool stack capability can accommodate up to eight tools of variable radius at the same time. Both automatic or manual loading is available with the ability to position the automatic loader to the left or right of the machine. Additionally, a special loading cycle is available for heavy tube or multi-ball mandrels. The BLM ELECT tube benders can incorporate automatic tube bundle loading and a handling robot for a complete turnkey solution that manages the entire tube loading and unloading sequence.

A key benefit according to BLM GROUP of its benders is the associated software, which eliminates trial and error programming for mistake-free production right from the start. This ease of use eliminates the need for highly trained and skilled operators, while achieving quick production changeover and less waste, according to the company.

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