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AMADA Introduces New Fabrication Offerings at FABTECH 2021

Bruce Morey
By Bruce Morey Senior Technical Editor, SME Media

AMADA is celebrated its 50th anniversary at its FABTECH 2021 show floor press conference on September 14, 2021 at the McCormick Place in Chicago, while displaying a number of high-technology fabrication equipment and sofware. Here are a few the company demonstrated.

The BREVIS 1212 AJ is a compact, 3kW fiber laser that provides the ideal solution for smaller parts up to 4' x 4'. AMADA debuted it for North America at FABTECH 2021.

North American Debut of BREVIS 1212 AJ

The BREVIS 1212 AJ fiber laser is a production quality laser in a compact design, according to the company. It features high-speed laser cutting, easy material loading, and a flexible Z-axis to process parts up to 200 mm. Engineered for manufacturing flexibility, BREVIS targets high-mix, low-volume production — with a maximum sheet size of 4 x 4' (1.22 x 1.22 m). The system’s fiber laser oscillator significantly contributes to the reduction of power costs, according to the company.

The 3kW single-diode module fiber laser engine provides for a high-quality Beam Parameter Product (BPP).  Laser mode and BPP are automatically optimized based on the material thickness being cut. BREVIS processes a wide range of thin-to-thick materials without requiring a lens change and the ability to cut copper, brass, titanium, and exotic types of metals for both flat and 3D shapes.

AMADA’s EG 4010 All-Electric Press Brake

AMADA also showed its EG 4010, a compact, all-electric press brake for producing small sheet metal components that demand a high degree of precision. A key feature of the EG Series is its high-speed Dual Servo Power (DSP) Drive System. Two AC-servo motors allow the EG to reach quick approach, bending, and return speeds that yield fast part cycle times — resulting in more parts per hour, according to the company.

The EG Series is also equipped with a Thickness Detection System (TDS) to maintain bending accuracy while processing materials that vary in type, thickness and grain direction. TDS reads variance of material thickness and compensates depth position automatically to ensure precise bending results.

EML- 2525 AJ Punch/Fiber Laser Combination Machine

AMADA showed its latest EML-AJ series of punch/fiber laser combination machines at the show, the EML-2512AJ, via a live stream from its Schaumburg Solution Center.

AMADA noted that its EML-AJ Series combination machines come with all of the punching functions inherent in single-function punching machines. Combined punches and dies are supplied with a Z-turret with different diameters of ø1010 mm upper and ø1200 mm lower or a high capacity turret of ø1200 mm upper and lower. These machines include the same punching force of 300 kN as AMADA’s EM Series turret punch presses. The EML-2515AJ has a processing range of 3050 x 1525 mm.

The EML-AJ Series also achieves a 25 percent improvement in stroke frequency (number of hits per minute) compared to conventional machines, making it the fastest punch processing machine available from AMADA. Pairing the EML AJ with an automatic Punch/ Die Changer (PDC) provides continuous, high-speed processing.

AMADA’s FLW 3000 ENSIS - Fiber Laser Welding Robot

Also demonstrated on the floor was AMADA’s Fiber Laser Welder (FLW), a robotic welder that achieves a high-speed, high-quality weld. The FLW 3000 ENSIS is a complete welding solution equipped with automatic beam focus, a patented rotating lens, and a Teaching Assist System that uses a camera to prevent deviation from the targeted welding path. The wire feed system enables the FLW to switch from fusion welding to adding filler wire all in the same program for efficient part processing. The demonstration featured the versatility of having a 2-axis positioning table synchronized with the robot.

The FLW’s greatest advantage over traditional welding is speed and minimal heat on the weld zone, according to AMADA. The company said that fiber laser welding is 5 times faster than TIG welding and produces stronger welds with little to no distortion.

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