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Eltool Expands Portfolio of Hi-Torque and Hi-Speed Live Lathe Tools

By Eltool Corp.

Eltool Corp. of Mansfield, Ohio, has announced that, in addition to 1:1 ratios, live lathe tools are now available with 5:1 and 1:5 gearboxes for high-torque and high-speed machining applications.


Speeders improve surface finish and reduce cycle times when machining small holes and soft materials, without lengthy acceleration ramps.

Reducers optimize the lower speed, higher torque requirements of large holes and tough materials without sacrificing horsepower.

In-line holders utilize ER-style collets and are available on extensions to machine between chuck jaws.

Designed to fit popular lathe models, angle head versions machine in bores down to 5/8” diameter. Secondary ID machining operations such as oil grooving and keyway cutting can now be integrated into turning operations.

Heads and drivers are modular and available in both face and OD mount configurations.

For further information, contact Eltool Corp. by calling toll free 877-4ELTOOL (USA) or emailing

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