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Mitsubishi Electric Shows Advanced Tech in Demonstration Vehicle

By Mitsubishi Electric Press Release

Northville, Mich. – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has announced Project Emerald Dove, a premium in-vehicle cabin experience using the latest and most powerful computing platform. As personally owned vehicles are utilized for multiple purposes and leveraged for other emerging uses, an integrated system, customization and ease-of use are of paramount importance.

The vehicle features eight displays with various resolutions ranging from HD to 4k, while the automotive cockpit platform provides powerful computing and connectivity features. The Android operating system runs the cluster and infotainment applications. The external visor display can be utilized to denote a ride-share or delivery service or indicate to other vehicles and pedestrians when the vehicle is operating in autonomous mode.

Mitsubishi Electric collaborated with an AI start-up to develop a customized automotive AI assistant that can accrue knowledge and comprehension. For example, should a warning light come on in the vehicle, when asked, the assistant provides details on the issue and takes actions to rectify the problem and schedule a service appointment. A display at the center of the dashboard is specifically for interaction with the user/assistant interaction to provide visual cues and status of the AI system.

“We aim to be ahead of the trends in the industry,” said Mark Rakoski, vice president, Advanced Engineering, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America. “The Mitsubishi Electric technologies in this demonstration system have received very positive feedback from our customers and partners and we continue to work towards realizing creative, premium entertainment solutions.”

Private Mode

When operating as a personal vehicle, infotainment functions are distributed throughout the cabin to all passengers, with each having their own display. They can browse personal music libraries and adjust their own temperature. Since drivers should focus on the road, the front passenger can assist in navigation or configure displayed content and pass it on to the driver. For the vehicle operator’s convenience, the two front displays can be linked together into one long monitor displaying desired information, including navigation, comfort, smart home applications, and more.

Commercial Mode

In commercial mode, the vehicle can be used for ridesharing or delivery service. The mode change is displayed on the hypervisor and the displays in the vehicle adjust to display customize content to support the role the driver is performing, including connecting to a delivery app and navigation.

Other Features

An infant detection system is installed in the vehicle to improve safety for all passengers. Expanding on our previous concept, this feature has been incorporated into the entire vehicle, not just one row.

HD driving mode is utilized in the vehicle using Mitsubishi Electric’s High-Definition Locator to provide centimeter-level accuracy. HD services can identify the precise location of a lane blockage or heavy traffic and provide lane-level guidance around the obstruction while maintaining the estimated trip time. This also can be instrumental in reporting problems and road conditions to the department of transportation.

Cybersecurity is a growing concern within the automotive and technology-based industries. With vehicles becoming more connected, the number of penetration points that can be leveraged for cyberattacks increases. The demonstration system includes a warning system in the case of a cyber-attack and works to block the attack.

All of these technologies are highlighted in Mitsubishi Electric’s demonstration video. To request a virtual demonstration or more information on the Technologies featured, please contact Hollie Cardenas at Mitsubishi Electric works to consistently provide cutting-edge technologies that improve the safety, comfort and convenience of drivers and passengers in their travels and varying pursuits and support an integrated vision for the future.

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