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BLM GROUP Adds 10kW Capability to Sheet Lasers

By BLM Group Press Release

Novi, Mich., May 19, 2021 — BLM GROUP USA has added more processing power to its LS5 and LC5 flat sheet laser cutters with the new option of a 10kW fiber laser source with these systems. These machines can cut steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum sheets in thicknesses from .039” to 1.37”, or even double sheets, depending upon the material. Users can specify the power level, from 2kW – 10 kW, that is best suited for their needs. With simultaneous axis speed up to 196 m/min and swift acceleration paired with a rigid mechanical structure, these systems deliver excellent cutting performance and accuracy. 

The LS5 and LC5 are available bed sizes of 10’ x 5’, 13’ x 6.5’, and 20’ x 6.5’, all equipped with dual shelves and automatic loading/unloading and changeover. Depending upon floor space and production flow requirements, users can choose either a longitudinal or transversal configuration.


BLM GROUP has added 10kW fiber laser power to its sheet laser cutting machines, such as the LS5 shown here. 

The ergonomic design enables convenient access to the production area with large front door openings. And, the operator panel can be swiveled and moved along the front side of the machine for optimal viewing of the cutting process in all conditions.

Add Tube Cutting Capability

The LC5 is a laser system that also accommodates a tube processing module with the sheet and tube functioning autonomously, just sharing the cutting head. The tube processing module, capable of working with tubes up to 120mm, has its own operator panel, which controls the entire system during tube processing. Two panels mean very simple management from the system point of view and extremely fast change over from one job to the other.

As with all BLM GROUP equipment, the LS5 and LC5 are designed for ease of use. The machine’s CNC contains instruction manuals, maintenance tutorials, exploded drawings to identify spare parts, and video guides for ‘how to use’ tutorials.

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