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Marposs Adds Electric Motor Testing to Its Offerings with e.d.c. srl Acquisition

By Marposs Corporation Press Release

Auburn Hills, Michigan, March 16,  2021  --  Marposs, a world leader in measurement, inspection and test technologies has announced the acquisition of e.d.c. srl (Electrical Dynamic Company), an Italian company  based in Milan and a world leader in functional testing systems for electric motors and their components. Electrical Dynamic Company, founded in 1964, has over 20,000+ testing systems installed worldwide including 8000 dedicated to partial discharge measurement.

edc02 (002).jpg
Marposs has added functional electric motor testing to its portfolio with the acquisition of

Unlike standard electrical testing, the capacitor coupling technology used by e.d.c. is unique to its systems. It makes the instrument insensitive to electromagnetic noise. The company says it is a better solution for use in the production environment where it can identify 100% of defects, including latent ones that could generate e-motors failure after short operating times. This testing becomes even more critical for electric motors powered by inverters, such as those used in electric vehicles where there is an inevitable excess of voltage, causing stress to the motor windings. The e.d.c. solution is also cost effective as it does not require a shielding structure around the testing area.

With this acquisition, Marposs offers a complete range of solutions dedicated to the functional testing and end-of-line testing of any type of electric motor, including in-line and off-line applications as well as lab analysis. These systems include:

  • Stator Testing for production lines (wound or hairpin) including partial discharge measurement
  • Rotor Testing for permanent magnet, squirrel cage and wound rotors
  • Automatic EoL Motor Testing (load/no-load) for production
  • Dynamometer Testing for motor load and lifecycle simulation in the laboratory
  • Advanced Windings and Insulation Quality Analysis for the laboratory
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