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Developing Next-Gen Manufacturing Professionals

Matthew Winslow
By Matthew Winslow Lead Instructor, Davis Technical College

Recruiting, training and retaining manufacturing workers is a constant challenge. The skills gap is real and growing, but the manufacturing industry has several tools to deal with this challenge.

One of the most powerful tools is creating partnerships between manufacturers that give students access to cutting-edge technology. To that end, Davis Technical College, a public institution in Kaysville, Utah, is partnering with U.K.-based Renishaw PLC, a global technology company, to provide students with access to the latest in measurement technologies.

As a result of this partnership, CNC machining students now have on-site access to coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and other Renishaw equipment that is helping them to take fast, precise measurements of components.

Three Decades of Workforce Development

For more than 30 years, Davis Tech has been training and enhancing the lives of our thousands of students as they prepare for careers in the industrial workforce. Through our partnerships, Davis Tech engages industry, educational and community members to provide shared opportunities for all. Courses in the program include Automation and Robotics, CNC Machining and Manufacturing Technology. The range of educational opportunities offered effectively train the workforce using cutting-edge industry methods.

Renishaw Inc., West Dundee, Illinois, the U.S. subsidiary of Renishaw PLC, has committed its expertise to the program as well as a host of advanced manufacturing equipment. Steven Fisher, district sales manager, and Devin Adams, sales and application engineer, for Renishaw Inc., are program liaisons and two Renishaw Inc. engineers are always available for demo support and assistance. Students are learning part measurement on Renishaw Equator gauging systems, part variation using a five-axis REVO CMM measuring system, conducting machine health checks using the QC20-W wireless ball bar system and learning how to set up machines with Renishaw machine tool probes and styli. 

Fisher is a big fan of the partnership. “We see the importance of addressing the manufacturing skills gap and this is a natural way for us to get involved,” he said. “We consider this a further advancement of similar programs across the U.S.”

Learning About Automated Technology

At our college, students design, build, test, and troubleshoot automated technology that is directly tied to industrial processes. The program allows students to apply hands-on learning to prepare them to meet industry needs in their respective fields, including automation, solar energy systems, and other alternative energy systems.

Students enrolled in the CNC Machining program also use industry standard tools, equipment, and procedures, the same as entry-level machinists. Students learn blueprint reading, sketching, part design, CNC operation and CNC programming. The program offers training in lathe, mill, and drill press operation, as well as related skills in mathematics, use of measuring tools and mechanical inspection methods to produce precision parts with tight tolerances.

Preparation for High-Tech Careers

The Manufacturing Technology program prepares our students for high-tech manufacturing careers. In addition to learning how to produce industrial products, students get hands-on experience in automation, robotics, composite materials technology, plastic injection molding and welding. Students also learn basic computer-controlled machine operation and maintenance.

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