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Ceratizit Hosts Online Cutting Tool Optimization Event

By Larry Adams Contributing Writer, SME Media

Making products faster and smarter through the use of cutting tools and digital products was the overarching theme of the latest installment of the “Its Tool Time” streaming event from the Ceratizit Group.

Thierry Wolter (left) and Andreas Kordwig of Ceratizit at the company’s ‘It’s Tool Time’ event.

On June 17, thousands of machining experts from around the world came together to take part in a fast-moving, interactive and multi-language event. Visitors saw a range of products and processes with practical demonstrations on how they are being used. At the event, visitors also learned of a new 2021 catalog, as well as  the construction of the company’s state-of-the art logistics center, which will be ready to open later this year.

The event, eight months after Ceratizit’s first Tool Time show, focused on how manufacturers merge the use of Ceratizit cutting tools–from a portfolio of 65,000 products–with new technologies such as additive manufacturing. It also examined how experts in the field incorporate a range of digital products, including Toolscope, to track tooling issues such as wear monitoring. Also, the company’s LiveTechPro allows technicians to diagnose problems remotely. Or, as Thierry Wolter, a member of the company’s executive board, described it, “We don’t have to be there to be there.”

Ceratizit cutting tools.

“We were here in November of last year and it was a really bad time for Ceratizit,” Wolter said. “Since then, a lot of things have changed. The bad news is the pandemic is not over yet. The good news is that the economy has turned around 180 degrees. … We are now getting the benefit of all the effort we put in during the crisis time. Our customers are very happy because we never abandoned them.”

Several Practical Demonstrations

Much like the fast pace of the 45-minute primary event, practical demonstration segments focused on motion and speed. They examined digital monitoring and control for high-fliers from the aerospace company Grupo Silva; how additive manufacturing and Ceratizit’s cutting tools utilize additive manufacturing to help develop one of the fastest electric vehicle race cars; and the production of elite bicycles for the Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team.

An Enduro bicycle was milled from a single block of aluminum using cutting tools from Ceratizit.

Andreas Kordwig, director of product management and managing director, said his team helps bring new ideas to market that integrate the 65,000 products the company has available in stock. These products are just part of what the company offers, Kordwig said. “We have one of the best portfolios in field of cutting tools, [but that is] only one part of our offerings. We can fulfill any demand of our customers, like E-Shop business, E-Procurement, availability from stock, and remote support.”

Ceratizit offers manufacturing solutions, and more recently these solutions stem from integrating its digital products, said Kordwig. The movement toward digitization is “now more in the mind-set of our colleagues. They see the benefit.”

To view the main event or participate in any of the four Insight modules, visit

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