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Expand Machinery Introduces GEN TURN 52 CS Y2 Non-Guide Bushing CNC Swiss

By Expand Machinery LLC Press Release

CHATSWORTH, Calif. –Expand Machinery LLC has introduced the GENTURN-52CS Y2, a 2"  bar capacity, eight-axis Swiss mill/turn center featuring a subspindle and dual C and Y axes for the production of complex work in one handling. There is no guide bushing in this sliding-headstock machine, which simplifies setup and reduces job expenses and setup time.


Ample tool stations are provided to get the work done efficiently in one operation with 33-tool positions and 13-driven tools included, according to the builder. Twenty tool stations service the front side work and an additional 13-backworking tool positions are all standard. The 20 front side tool positions consist of: six live cross tools, three-live axial tools, six-turning tool stations, and five ID tool stations, all in a quick access gang configuration to reduce tool-to-tool time. The counter spindle has 13-tool stations including: four-axial driven stations with four live tool holders included. An additional four driven tools can be plugged into the subspindle tool block as needed. Also, nine I.D. stations are included; four I.D. stations from the dedicated subspindle tool block, and five I.D. stations shared from the backside of the main spindle tooling bridge.

The GENTURN-52CS Y2 CNC Swiss features a heavy ribbed torque-tube box casting. The machine weighs over 13,800 lb. Both main and counter spindle feature accurate “dead-length” gripping and feature a high-performance C-axis with full contouring and 360,000 radial positions (0.001-degree resolution), according to the builder. C-axis operations facilitate engraving and milling complex part details. The 51 mm (2") bar capacity spindle runs up to 6,000 rpm and the rapid traverse rate is 1,181 ipm for fast efficient production.

Expand Machinery is offering an introductory special value package price of $159,990, which includes standard features that cost extra on other machines, according to the company. Included items include oil mist collector, parts catcher, parts conveyor, finished parts collection basket, chip conveyor, wheeled chip cart, subspindle programmable air blast, collet oil flush, finished parts ejector with parts eject confirmation, cutoff confirmation, automatic power-off, air-conditioned electronics cabinet, dual-coolant pumps with dual chip filtration and coolant flow confirmation monitoring. Barloader interface and connector plug and 6-ER-20 collet extensions are also provided as well as operator and programming training.

According to Expand Machinery, the GENTURN-52CS Y2 features and capabilities compare favorably with conventional twin-spindle, twin-turret lathes costing twice as much, especially when 13-driven tools are added to the price.

For more information, call Expand Machinery at 818-349-9166 or visit

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