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Protolabs Launches All-New Digital Quoting Platform in U.S.

By Protolabs Press Release

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.—February 3—Digital manufacturing provider Protolabs has launched its new digital quoting and design analysis platform to its U.S.-based customers, following a launch late last year to its European-based users. 

The new platform has a modern, user-friendly interface that lets engineers better manage their project requirements, collaborate easier with colleagues, and see new levels of transparency into their orders, according to the company. Like the previous platform, its flagship feature—interactive design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis—remains, but is built to be more intuitive.

With the launch, three of Protolabs’ services—molding, machining, and 3D printing—are now united in a single platform for a much easier quoting and ordering experience. Injection molding users can now view and discuss gate and ejector pin layout before ordering tooling and parts. With CNC machining, threading assignments have been drastically simplified to let users quickly assign required threads. And 3D printing customer can now see per-part pricing with itemized costs as well as self-select their desired delivery date for each part within an order at checkout.

The digital quoting platform is now live for all of Protolabs’ U.S. customers at

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