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MODEC provides an updated lesson in workforce readiness

Adrian Fielding Global Director, Plant and Personnel Safety, Honeywell Process Solutions
By Adrian Fielding Global Director, Plant and Personnel Safety, Honeywell Process Solutions

FIELD INTELLIGENCE: Smart Processes, Solutions & Strategies

Profound changes in the manufacturing landscape are now being driven by current health concerns and their influence on how plant and factory workers do their jobs. Firms have had to adapt quickly to new requirements aimed at promoting employee safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

While corporate initiatives around digital transformation used to take as long as five years, and the adoption of new technology used to occur over a decade, the time frames have shortened.

Digitized solutions for workforce management include real-time location tracking to support productivity improvements and the accountability of personnel, including emergency mustering, competency management and certification of plant operators. Worker compliance monitoring allows for the enforcement of safety policies and smart onboarding of employees—and includes task-specific personal protective equipment.

As a result of the existing anomalous environment, the workforce has shrunk across all industrial sectors. Manufacturers need an integrated, end-to-end solution to enable the re-embarkment of employees and a return to full production. They must also prepare for future contingencies, implementing measures to sustain their operations and maintain vigilance.

Industry leaders are adding a robust layer of safety measures as standard functionality within their environment, health and safety ecosystem. They are utilizing digitized solutions to assist with:

  • Establishing effective return-to-work strategies at manufacturing sites.
  • Installing thermal camera systems for elevated temperature scanning as part of site-entry management.
  • Implementing real-time location monitoring for physical-distancing compliance.
  • Deploying location monitoring solutions for employee contact tracing.

With advancements in digitization, coupled with the adaptation of innovative technologies, it is now possible to operate complex manufacturing facilities in a streamlined manner. New solutions for remote operations deliver real-time insights into production processes without having a large number of personnel on site. Innovations like intelligent wearables and expert on-call solutions can help increase efficiencies, reduce costs and minimize risk.

MODEC, which designs, builds and installs floating offshore oil and gas production facilities, has demonstrated the value of digitization tech. The company has prepared for future operational disruptions and implemented a strategy of deploying integrated digital safety and security solutions.

Honeywell will supply part of its digitized workforce management portfolio to ensure the safety and security of a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel being engineered and constructed by MODEC. The new FPSO, to be owned and operated by MODEC, will be deployed in Offshore Area One, about 10 kilometers off the coast of Tabasco, Mexico, at a water depth of about 32 meters.

The use of real-time location tracking, as part of a “personnel on board” system, will let MODEC better understand the behavior of its workforce to enhance safety in the event of upheaval or emergency.

This approach also helps promote productivity and meet the work readiness of staff members on an ongoing basis.

Real-time visibility of worker location lets MODEC and other companies manage communal expansion compliance in remote or high-risk areas. It can also assist with contact tracing procedures.

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