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Horn Announces High-Performance Coatings

By Horn USA Press Release
High-Performance IG6 for HORN’s grooving systems S224 and S229 (Photo provided by Horn)

They are less than 0.005 mm (.0002”) thick and are an essential part of modern tool technology.  Tool coatings extend the service life of carbide tools by over one thousand percent.  HORN’s new high-performance coatings IG6 and SG3 are testaments to engineering expertise in tool manufacturing. 

IG6 is a copper-colored aluminum-titanium-silica nitride (AlSiTiN) coating designed for use in machining materials P and M with grooving inserts type S224 and S229.  In conjunction with the carbide substrate, the coating allows for faster material removal rates and significantly extended wear resistance in machining materials P and M.  Standard inserts are available from stock.

SG3 is designed for use in titanium and super-alloys as well as turning and grooving applications in hardened materials, up to 58 HRC.  The coating can be function in temperatures up to 1,100 degrees Celsus (2,012 degrees Fahrenheit).  HORN designed this coating to deliver outstanding performance with materials that are difficult to machine.  The advantage of the tool coating have been proven on selected tool systems from HORN.  The Supermini® system 105 with SG3 coating is available from stock.  In both cases, the IG6 and SG3 coatings are applied in-house, allowing for reduced delivery time.

HORN has developed a high level of expertise in coating precision tools since it began in-house coating processes.  From five employees in the beginning to more than fifty employees, the aim has always been to create and invest in modern coating technologies for precision cutting tools.  The HORN team was the first in the world to take delivery of HiPIMS systems from CemeCon.  The opportunities to develop hard and tough coating with a homogeneous structure has provided this team the flexibility to create advancements that benefit customers who demand precision tools in demanding applications.

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