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Applied Nano Surfaces Partners with Precision Finishing, Inc.

By Applied Nano Surfaces Press Release

Applied Nano Surfaces (ANS) has entered a strategic partnership with Precision Finishing Inc., to advance a unique variant of its core Triboconditioning technology, which is a patented process developed to provide for friction reduction and wear resistance on various steel and cast-iron surfaces. The new variant, known as Triboconditioning CG (Complex Geometries), is a mechanochemical surface treatment process specifically engineered to address the outer complex geometries of components such as gears. Additional benefits of this treatment include improved surface finish and running in behavior, noise reduction (NVH), minimization and improvement for scuffing, pitting, rolling fatigue resistance as well as extending the product service life.

This partnership brings together the knowledge and expertise of the ANS friction/wear reduction treatment technologies along with the highest-level of mechanical surface finishing processes and functional part optimization from Precision Finishing Inc.

“The synergy and combined expertise of our two companies will effectively service the quickly evolving market that is seeking solutions to enhance component value by increasing life along with minimizing friction, noise and other inherent issues such as pitting and scuffing” said David Chobany, Technology and Sales Director – Americas for Applied Nano Surfaces

The partnership of ANS with Precision Finishing Inc. marks an exciting jumping off point for the North American market. “The group at ANS is wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable. Triboconditioning CG is an exciting process and it is very synergistic with our business model. We know our customers and partners will be able to leverage this technology to further optimize the functionality of their components.” says Jeffrey Bell, Director of Business Development & Technologies.

Customers to benefit from this technology are varied and include major OEs in automotive and truck powertrains, hydraulics, power generation, racing, gears, and many others that produce rotating/sliding/mating components.

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