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Florida Company Perseveres in Covid

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In 2020 during the Pandemic, Catalyst Fabrics, a company with over 30 years experience in the fabric industry, never closed its doors and was FDA approved to manufacture Face Masks and Isolation Gowns. Last year Catalyst manufactured over 1.5 million Isolation gowns, and over 100,000 face masks. In 2021 Catalyst’s PPE production has grown to include full body coveralls, and to date has already produced over 18,000 coverall suits.

All this was in addition to its mainline of business, custom printing fabrics, finishing and distribution.

Catalyst has over 35 industrial sized printers and printed on 3,600,000 feet of paper or 682 miles of paper.

Catalyst is also known for providing an array of finishing options including aroma and scent, cooling, and repellant finishes. Catalyst Fabric Solutions notes that first and foremost it is a technology company. By combining the continuous advances in Digital Dye Sublimation printing with the latest automation of order and manufacturing processes, Catalyst can produce a vast array of products per a consumer order. This technology allows for the elimination of many of the pitfalls and expenses associated with the traditional retail model. Catalyst is a vertical manufacturer of a tremendous variety of textile-based products in the Home Furnishing and Apparel categories. Its management team has over 100 years of combined manufacturing process experience. Add to this the very latest in equipment and work-flow technologies, and Catalyst has all the tools required to deliver the highest quality products at the most competitive prices in the On Demand Industry.


  • Catalyst employs on average of around 250 employees and during the busy holiday season employs over 425 workers. These workers come from Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.
  • Catalyst currently manufactures around 500,000 blankets per year and around 500,000 pillows a year. Catalyst on average ships out around 19,230 items a week and on average ships out around 3,850 per day. 40% of its orders are produced during October through December. All these items are made to order and ship within 3 days.Catalyst has over 35 industrial sized printers in its fleet that incorporate the most up-to-date technology in the business. Last year Catalyst printed on 3,600,000 feet of paper or 682 miles of paper. That would be the distance it takes to travel from Atlanta Georgia to Miami Florida.
  • Catalyst Fabric Solutions is an environmentally conscience company. The sublimation print technology produces no harmful fumes or any hazardous waste. In 2020, Catalyst Fabric Solutions partnered with the City of Marianna and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and opened a 2052 panel solar farm. This solar farm produces over 677 kilowatts of renewable energy for Catalyst Fabric Solutions. Catalyst also partners with other industries to recycle much of the used print paper and textile wastes.

Catalyst Fabric Solutions
3595 Industrial Park Drive
Marianna, Fl 32446
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